Alass, mine is not the only “voice in the wilderness” to be heard barking about the Mulslim Brotherhood yipping in the neighbors yard. For years I spouted my so-called paranoia alone. Now there are others to join my chorus and suddenly, I am not alone!


Since its hatching in 1929 the brotherhood has a kept a low profile while expanding it’s influence throughout the middle east and all points Muslim. It’s surreptitious expansion, like cudzu, quietly covers and captures whatever it comes  into contact with. While other organizations, such as ISSIS, are up front about their terrorist actions and even welcoming as much air time as it can muster, the MB works from within the target culture. Our little contingent of noisy Muslim town criers are just the beginning. One can take a moment of time and imagine 50 or 60 Muslims in congress, all whaling in discordant chorus to get their way and vilify  Israel to  a new generation of neophytes, empty of head and hungry for an issue to rebel over.. 

Birds of a feather…………….

What is going through the mind of a deer staring into the headlights of a car that is about to kill it. There are times when events are so outrageous that the mind just keeps kicking it back out in disbelief. Such it seems is the case with Ilan  Omars blatant anti-Semitic utterance and actions. An old sampler warns that when you sleep with pigs you wake up covered in pig shit. At this point, less than a year after being installed in office,  Oman wears her hatred of Jews as a badge of courage. She affiliates fearlessly with regressive despots as Erdagan of Turkey. She hangs with CAIR (under the overarching guidance of “The Muslim Brotherhood” ) in spite of it’s status as unindicted co-conspirator in “The Holy Land Foundation” prosecution, in which it was established that 12 million was raised and funneled to Hamas.

Most hostages die waiting. Waiting for someone to rescue them, waiting for a change of heart on the part of their murderer, or just waiting for a miracle. But the truth that only they can save themselves comes too late. I hope this country doesn’t wait for a miracle until 9/11 is repeated.

Dancing with the Devil

I am merely human, and the drive to validate my beliefs, after a decade or so of, playing the “voice in the wilderness” with few to sing chorus with me,  compellls me to take credit for being the harbinger of things to come. The Muslim Brotherhood has loomed in the background of virtually every Jihadi act of atrocity for decades. Quietly and patiently it lays in wait and subsumes each terrorist group and their vile actions. 


However it doesn’t take Nostradamus to prognosticate Ilan Omar’s  plots and petitions if you simply look closely at her history of affiliations. Most of which are dances with the devil in different guises. Every identity another incarnation of evil. CAIR + HAMAS + TURKEYS ERDOGAN + VOICED CONDEMNATION OF ISRAEL AND OTHER ANTISEMETIC SPEWING. not to mention her trivialization, ” Some people did something”. of the 9/11 attack. 

Put on you fuzzy slippers and grab a cup of Joe, (smoke-um if you got ‘um), and peruse the linked article. It is well researched and thorough. You will know Omar and some of her odious machinations. Klikdapik and READ!

Why Is Ilhan Omar’s Collusion With Islamists Acceptable?

EL Isisi Kickin’ It !!!!!

We ego maniacs always have those moments when we shout, “See, see, I was right all along!” The reversal of the abortive election of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and the subsequent crackdown by El Assisi  to impose order confirm the extremist nature of the brotherhood. About a decade ago I came upon information concerning the Brotherhood and have felt like the lone voice in the wilderness.  Well PFFFFFFFTTT (raspberries) to you all, doubters and cynics. I was right. KLIKDAPIK for more.

The Brotherhood

“Don’t be an alarmist. Listen Chicken Little, the sky is not really falling!”  Words of wisdom from the Lollipop Guild.

The mission statement of the Muslim Brotherhood, the wise old man and non-denominational umbrella organization that shades the Islamic Jihad  from the light of truth, outlines a plan to conquer from within.  The vid below exposes the strategy for  the conquest of America.

The brotherhood’s last high profile thrust into nation stealing, (the Egyptian “Arab spring”) that ended when the winner, backed by the Brotherhood,  attempted to impose Sharia law on Egyptians.  Egypt, a long term actor on the world stage wasn’t about to be devolved into a sixth century backwater Caliphate. The world said “Yeah baby”.  The Egyptian military, having a history of problems with the Brotherhood’s antics since the nineteen thirties, was not impressed and following a couple of bad moves (such as new dress codes for newscasters that included the hajib), the new regime was killed in the cradle when the army rolled in and the Brotherhood took to the hills.

Take a look at the vid below and see Muslim Brotherhoods members plan the roadmap of political conquest for the USA. Oh!  by the way. The sky is falling!

Below is a link to a sight that will shed light to the intent of the brotherhood. You may not have heard about the brotherhood and that’s the way they want it. Under a guise of  a benign  social organization, the brotherhood has been the background organization for every Jihadi,  since the late 1930’s regardless of their chosen moniker.

They Told Us What They are Going to Do!


  1. It doesn’t take a shooting war to conquer a nation. It just takes a victim who invites you in. Here is the manner of incursion according to the charter of the Brotherhood:  1) Find a country that has been sufficiently feminized (an ignorant public is a plus). 2)Cry and ask for asylum. 3) Kick back and wait for the publics belief in their inherent decrepitude to do its work), 4.  ( Use the publics own sense of morality against them, while guilting them over perceived past crimes of the west against Islam.) 5. (Start choosing the new drapes for the white house.)


The Bro-hood of Hillary

It is not that the buffoons in the Clinton crew chose a loser to work their Egyptian angle. It is that they didn’t Google the Muslim Brotherhood before choosing to back their take-over of the Egyptian government. I am no one special and I have no  special resources  and I knew long ago that the Muslim Brohood was a toxic Muslim organization that  Egyptians have been at odds with since the late 1930s.

gehad-el-haddadSuch monumental stupidity, naiveté’, or just plain laziness stretches credulity too thin. I mean, I have worked all my life and am broke. They have never had a real job and they are millionaires; they must have something on the ball. They must have known that they were hiring a member of a terrorist organization, (one of the oldest)…..HMMMM? Not naiveté’, ignorance or laziness will come close to the truth. They may be answers but they are not the truth.  The truth is that these miscreants will destroy anything they see that was created before they arrived on the scene. It is the narcissism of the left, draped like a shroud over the culture of the west that dictates the knee jerk response to those things unfamiliar; and history is unfamiliar to the left. They find no wisdom in knowing history.  So every move they have made, or refused to make has been a reflex against established stability of the Pre-Obama-Clinton world:…..

Hosni Mubarak long time leader of Egypt (since the 1980s) and peacemaker with Israel HAD TO GO!. He was a stabilizing influence in the middle east and a hindrance to the ascendancy of fundamentalist Islam. HAD TO GO! Muammar Gadhafi: leader of Libya, convert to our ally after our invasion of Iraq. Stabilizing influence; HAD TO GO! (thus Benghazi happened).  POTUS et. al. armed the creeps that killed our people and burned down our embassy. Iran: Full time enemy to U.S. and one of the two biggest sponsors of terrorists in the world. So we give them about half a trillion dollars and a sweetheart deal that frees them up to continue building a nuclear arsenal!

Israel: Real close ally and the only democracy in the middle east. Enemy of POTUS and Hillary. I guess they just had too many Nobel Prizes under their belt?

Is it any wonder that BIll ad HIll Clinton would employ a terrorist member of the Muzz Brohood In their little “pay for play” organization?

Kool-Aid with Training Wheels


If you pay just a little attention to the issue of true illiteracy, you will see it all around you. How many times have we witnessed some club-handed attempts at the written word and that weird printing/cursive hybrid so many have adopted in lieu of learning to write cursive. Fact is, illiteracy is cool. At least that is the current trend in achieving ghetto-pass legitimacy on the pop-cult cool-o-meter.  Good grades, proper English,  cursive writing, etc.,  are all signs of capitulating to the will of the “man”. And that won’t do.

Joey has been recruited to fulfill  the psychosexual/homicidal dreams of an Aussie Jihadi. Finally a little originality!>>>>>>>




“Where is my aluminum foil hat? I sense a conspiracy in the tree line!”.  “By the way can I have a job that includes thermonuclear bombs?”

The Muslim Brotherhood logoWhy I couldn’t comprehend Obama backing the bro’hood during the Arab Spring. This information has been available but it appears that Obama and his co-horts didn’t research their decision well enough, or they just instinctively back their spiritual brothers in any anti-western culturel insurgency out there. Obama will not stop till America is humbled and hobbled. Could he be humbling and hobbling America as punishment for our terrible colonialism. (I don’t know either but there must have been somewhere where we colonized).







Lets Talk Turkey


A couple days after Paris was attacked. A high minister of Turkey said that all is well with ISIS Caliphate and we may as well get used to it and begin normalizing our relationship with the new, entirely Muslim country….

Hakan Fidan






Sermons from Paris Mosques  on that fateful day carried a different message. None of it consiliatory….                    My ex-brother in law is always shaking his head and wisely murmuring,  “You Americans are so ignorant. You speak from your ignorance.”  He rolls his eyes and sighs at the pitiable ignorance of the average American.  I do agree with him, there are a load of ignorant and just intellectually lazy people. He gives no answer that you can decipher. He just snuggles down into his smug contemplation of or American silliness.

I do want to issue a rebuke to my countrymen for working overtime giving everyone the impression that Americans are idiots.  I don’t waste too much time exploring college campuses for intelligent people these days.

But the fact of the matter makes an appearance when any random crowed of Muslims gather together. They cheered 911 across the Arab world. Huge crowds. Just as the turkeys of Turkey shouted boo during the moment of silence for the victims of the Paris bombing. A random sample of Turks who are attending a soccer match produces a horde of ISIS cheer leaders who are utterly fearless in their expression of hatred for the west. Of course they are fearless, they know they are in a crowed of people  who won’t object. Over and over the Arab street is in chorus with the bad guys. So where are the middle of the road Muslims? Hmmmmm? No massacre too bloody for their tastes. No vile act repugnant enough to cause a moment of caution. 

You will find the middle of the road Muslims hanging with the  Dodo’s.







HAMMER BECAME AQUAINTED WITH THE MUZ BROHOOD BOUT A DECADE AGO. READ THEIR CHARTER. THEY HAVE AWAYS BEEN OPEN ABOUT THEIR INTENTIONS. It is just this openness to scrutiny that puzzles me so. Obama insists on backing them when they have always admitted, nay, boasted that they were world wide Caliphate Pimpin’ War Babies. OBAMA DIDN’T KNOW? gimme a big YEAH RIGHT!