CAIR has a Crush on Ilan!

Ilan Oamr, freshman congressperson, anti-Semite, and the darling of the Democrats was protested at a gathering sponsored by CAIR  which has been designated a co-conspirator in shunting funds to such terror organizations as Hamas and Hezbollah. Ms. Omars involvement with such organizations would be comparable a white Republican male hanging  with the KKK. Yet not a peep from the Dems in condemning such damning behavior.  Omars involvement is not surprising. She has prevously tested the boundaries with blatantly anti-sematic statements and come up smelling like a Democratic Rose. The Dems could have condemned her behavior but they ended up condemning being “not nice” rather than even mentioning Omar in their reaction to the blowback from Republicans and  enraged citizens’ after her most recent anti-Semitic comments.


The article linked lays out a CAIRs involvement in terrorist organizations, Omars behavior and the reaction of citizen protestors to what is apparently a large portion of the Democratic party coming out of the closet and revealing Anti-Semitism as part and parcel to belonging to Democratic ranks.

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