Alass, mine is not the only “voice in the wilderness” to be heard barking about the Mulslim Brotherhood yipping in the neighbors yard. For years I spouted my so-called paranoia alone. Now there are others to join my chorus and suddenly, I am not alone!


Since its hatching in 1929 the brotherhood has a kept a low profile while expanding it’s influence throughout the middle east and all points Muslim. It’s surreptitious expansion, like cudzu, quietly covers and captures whatever it comes  into contact with. While other organizations, such as ISSIS, are up front about their terrorist actions and even welcoming as much air time as it can muster, the MB works from within the target culture. Our little contingent of noisy Muslim town criers are just the beginning. One can take a moment of time and imagine 50 or 60 Muslims in congress, all whaling in discordant chorus to get their way and vilify  Israel to  a new generation of neophytes, empty of head and hungry for an issue to rebel over.. 

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