The Bro-hood of Hillary

It is not that the buffoons in the Clinton crew chose a loser to work their Egyptian angle. It is that they didn’t Google the Muslim Brotherhood before choosing to back their take-over of the Egyptian government. I am no one special and I have no  special resources  and I knew long ago that the Muslim Brohood was a toxic Muslim organization that  Egyptians have been at odds with since the late 1930s.

gehad-el-haddadSuch monumental stupidity, naiveté’, or just plain laziness stretches credulity too thin. I mean, I have worked all my life and am broke. They have never had a real job and they are millionaires; they must have something on the ball. They must have known that they were hiring a member of a terrorist organization, (one of the oldest)…..HMMMM? Not naiveté’, ignorance or laziness will come close to the truth. They may be answers but they are not the truth.  The truth is that these miscreants will destroy anything they see that was created before they arrived on the scene. It is the narcissism of the left, draped like a shroud over the culture of the west that dictates the knee jerk response to those things unfamiliar; and history is unfamiliar to the left. They find no wisdom in knowing history.  So every move they have made, or refused to make has been a reflex against established stability of the Pre-Obama-Clinton world:…..

Hosni Mubarak long time leader of Egypt (since the 1980s) and peacemaker with Israel HAD TO GO!. He was a stabilizing influence in the middle east and a hindrance to the ascendancy of fundamentalist Islam. HAD TO GO! Muammar Gadhafi: leader of Libya, convert to our ally after our invasion of Iraq. Stabilizing influence; HAD TO GO! (thus Benghazi happened).  POTUS et. al. armed the creeps that killed our people and burned down our embassy. Iran: Full time enemy to U.S. and one of the two biggest sponsors of terrorists in the world. So we give them about half a trillion dollars and a sweetheart deal that frees them up to continue building a nuclear arsenal!

Israel: Real close ally and the only democracy in the middle east. Enemy of POTUS and Hillary. I guess they just had too many Nobel Prizes under their belt?

Is it any wonder that BIll ad HIll Clinton would employ a terrorist member of the Muzz Brohood In their little “pay for play” organization?

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