TRUTH: Three branches of government. I remember sitting in rows with thirty other children, in desks that still had ink well holes in the top. And our little third grade desks served as our locker as well, with tops that opened to a space below relegated to books rulers and such.. I learned about the three branches of government there.  I learned about the ingenious answer to the question of power. Checks and balances. The most fundamental framework for the delicate miracle of the American experience. Suffice it to say this fundamental superstructure of our democracy  is under attack by Barak Obama.

Jonathon Turly is a devout liberal.   He is such an Uber liberal he has made his career Liberalism! (That’s him in the vid above) Now he is on the prod  spreading a warning about the dump his “Golden Boy” is about to take on the constitution.

Yes every president takes advantage of the power to issue executive orders. If you can equivocate here, there is a place for you in the cabinet. But giving amnesty to millions of illegals steps beyond the pale. Turley’s moniker “Uber Presidency” is perfect. But like the beautiful Unicorn, it is a fiction. Such a beast cannot be accommodated. It must be stopped. The illegal community is on tenterhooks and when Obama speaks this fiction, millions  take it as gospel. If there is no constitutional support for the action there will be no turning back when it is brought before the Supremes,  and it will go POOF!

  Hells – a – poppin’ when you try to take the goodies back! Suffice to say it won’t happen. So lets see those pocket books! It’s time to pay off the great god of guilt.

This amnesty move is one of the most intoxicating fairy tales I have ever encountered. Actually it’s the first fairy tale I have encountered ( I mean, ya know, in real life) I saw a news story on a fireworks factory that caught fire  today. It was a  beautiful catastrophy.  But Obama’s grandstanding is breathtaking.  Part of me sees the real damage that is being done to my country. But another part of me is gleeful that the POTUS’s public drooling has become an undeniable embarrassment. The complicit press is walking away. Dem. mid-termers, bound and leap away like deer driven before a fire. A conflagration fueled by wars, rumors of wars, a divided nation, humiliation by ISIS (ISIL) taunting videos of beheadings, humiliation by Syria defying him out of hand,  Humiliation by Iran who is about to get him alone in a nuclear dark ally, the naughty  finger from Israel just because he deserves it.  All treading water in a decrepit economy. Now he is beginning to look bitter anddriven by ego. The Republican tsunami in the midterm elections is a mandate. A mandate he (Obama), would do well to heed.  

Sometimes God just gives you a gift.


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