Forty five years ago I hitch-hiked into California and to my horror I found that you had to spend a quarter to buy a Coke! Outrageous ! Well get a cup of coffee and fire up whatever, this is a long vid. BUTT!  It is a riveting Devine Comedy of a state that has been wrung out by the tax, spend, and regulate tactics of liberal stewardship for the past 50 years.

They Told Us What They are Going to Do!


  1. It doesn’t take a shooting war to conquer a nation. It just takes a victim who invites you in. Here is the manner of incursion according to the charter of the Brotherhood:  1) Find a country that has been sufficiently feminized (an ignorant public is a plus). 2)Cry and ask for asylum. 3) Kick back and wait for the publics belief in their inherent decrepitude to do its work), 4.  ( Use the publics own sense of morality against them, while guilting them over perceived past crimes of the west against Islam.) 5. (Start choosing the new drapes for the white house.)