Birds of a feather…………….

What is going through the mind of a deer staring into the headlights of a car that is about to kill it. There are times when events are so outrageous that the mind just keeps kicking it back out in disbelief. Such it seems is the case with Ilan  Omars blatant anti-Semitic utterance and actions. An old sampler warns that when you sleep with pigs you wake up covered in pig shit. At this point, less than a year after being installed in office,  Oman wears her hatred of Jews as a badge of courage. She affiliates fearlessly with regressive despots as Erdagan of Turkey. She hangs with CAIR (under the overarching guidance of “The Muslim Brotherhood” ) in spite of it’s status as unindicted co-conspirator in “The Holy Land Foundation” prosecution, in which it was established that 12 million was raised and funneled to Hamas.

Most hostages die waiting. Waiting for someone to rescue them, waiting for a change of heart on the part of their murderer, or just waiting for a miracle. But the truth that only they can save themselves comes too late. I hope this country doesn’t wait for a miracle until 9/11 is repeated.

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