Lets Talk Turkey


A couple days after Paris was attacked. A high minister of Turkey said that all is well with ISIS Caliphate and we may as well get used to it and begin normalizing our relationship with the new, entirely Muslim country….

Hakan Fidan






Sermons from Paris Mosques  on that fateful day carried a different message. None of it consiliatory….                    My ex-brother in law is always shaking his head and wisely murmuring,  “You Americans are so ignorant. You speak from your ignorance.”  He rolls his eyes and sighs at the pitiable ignorance of the average American.  I do agree with him, there are a load of ignorant and just intellectually lazy people. He gives no answer that you can decipher. He just snuggles down into his smug contemplation of or American silliness.

I do want to issue a rebuke to my countrymen for working overtime giving everyone the impression that Americans are idiots.  I don’t waste too much time exploring college campuses for intelligent people these days.

But the fact of the matter makes an appearance when any random crowed of Muslims gather together. They cheered 911 across the Arab et.al. world. Huge crowds. Just as the turkeys of Turkey shouted boo during the moment of silence for the victims of the Paris bombing. A random sample of Turks who are attending a soccer match produces a horde of ISIS cheer leaders who are utterly fearless in their expression of hatred for the west. Of course they are fearless, they know they are in a crowed of people  who won’t object. Over and over the Arab street is in chorus with the bad guys. So where are the middle of the road Muslims? Hmmmmm? No massacre too bloody for their tastes. No vile act repugnant enough to cause a moment of caution. 

You will find the middle of the road Muslims hanging with the  Dodo’s.





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