Ilhan Omar, useful Idiot

Ilhan Omar’s ignorance about what is really happening at the Golan Heights is quite evident. Maybe she should read this blog and get educated. With the collusion of the Mainstream Media, the thugs that violently wrested authority from the Palestinian Authority a few years ago, are using civilians in what are known as CNN operations. A “CNN Operation” entails the promotion of collateral deaths on Israeli reactions to attacks. The positioning of innocents near rocket sites and installation of rockets in hopitals and schools is a common tactic. Casualties among the innocents will garner sympathetic images. Only a fool would believe Israel will knuckle under to such violence. Only a fool would suffer the delusion that Hamas will gain anything from further rocket attacks.

They have been tossing rockets at the Israelis for years. To no avail. They do know, however,  they can win absolutely every public relations victory with random attacks that must be met by Israel.  Random rocket attacks, and pics of dead Palestinian children will win the press pass, and  keep the Iranian money, rockets, and cash flowing.  With useful idiots as Ilhan Omar, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC,  (the alphabet soup of death), Hamas enjoys the money of Limousine-Liberals, brain dead American Jews, and  millennial snowflakes of many races, creeds and colors!

The openly anti-Semitic Ilan Omar, recent addition to congressional roll calls, has been spouting hatred for all things Jewish for the 7 months of her career as a congress woman. This person is  on the Foreign Relations Committee in Congress!


Birds of a feather…………….

What is going through the mind of a deer staring into the headlights of a car that is about to kill it. There are times when events are so outrageous that the mind just keeps kicking it back out in disbelief. Such it seems is the case with Ilan  Omars blatant anti-Semitic utterance and actions. An old sampler warns that when you sleep with pigs you wake up covered in pig shit. At this point, less than a year after being installed in office,  Oman wears her hatred of Jews as a badge of courage. She affiliates fearlessly with regressive despots as Erdagan of Turkey. She hangs with CAIR (under the overarching guidance of “The Muslim Brotherhood” ) in spite of it’s status as unindicted co-conspirator in “The Holy Land Foundation” prosecution, in which it was established that 12 million was raised and funneled to Hamas.

Most hostages die waiting. Waiting for someone to rescue them, waiting for a change of heart on the part of their murderer, or just waiting for a miracle. But the truth that only they can save themselves comes too late. I hope this country doesn’t wait for a miracle until 9/11 is repeated.

Eating Your Own

Gaza, of late the point of historical focus after POTUS  recently recognized the Golan Heights  as Israeli territory, is consuming itself. The story is an old one. Money is poured into the Palestinian problem and that money is seen as war booty for those in charge. Hamas, the current governing body in the Palestine, is cracking down on fellow Palestinians, Mass arrests, beatings and torture are humming right along, uninterrupted since Yasser’s days. And for the foreseeable future it seems the oppression of their own will continue.

. The millions skimmed from monies that should have been spent for the development Palestine went into Yasser and his cohorts pockets. Twenty years down the line, the issues for the average Palestinian are still the same. It is just that Hamas is their Big Kahuna rather than the PLO. Hamas is stealing their money now.

300 Rockets

Hamas has just fired three hundred rockets at Israeli Neighborhoods. Not aiming for anything remotely military, they were dedicated to killing civilians not combatants. A cease fire has been agreed to by Bibi Netanyahu much to the chagrin of other Israeli leaders, who follow the dictum “Never negotiate with terrorists.” Israeli retaliation has focused on hard targets in the Hamas organization. The stunning silence from the international community is disturbing but expected. Anti-Semitism is the safest stance to assume in the United Nations security council. No national leaders short of the white house have said a word of condemnation for the rocket attack.

Hamas Just Launched More Than 300 Rockets Into Israel, International Community is Silent


Possession of disputed territories is not the aim of the terrorist organization. Palestine is a red herring. 99% of disputed territories were handed of over to Yasser Arafat and he refused them. Now that Arafat is no more it falls to the Palestinian authority (Hamas) to negotiate with Israel but that is the rub. All they want is every Jew dead. They do not fight for the possession of territory as the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is, as it has been defined in the Koran for fourteen hundred years. Kill Jews. This command  was carried as the last message on Mohammed’s dying breath.


Back in the Saddle

Hamas if firing missiles at Israel again. When will the Main Stream Media come to the obvious conclusion the Israel has actually restrained themselves in dealing with the so-called Palestinians. They are the only real democracy in the middle east. Arabs, (one of which is in the Knesset.), have more civil rights in Israel than any other state in the region. Israel, called brute and occupier by college girls and the Limousine Liberal Jews  who  grouse about the “plight” of the so called Palestinians  

An Academy of Dunces


The sad statement made by this video is that this is the best our educational system can do. Those who promote Hamas are either evil miscreants or just ignorant. It has been an accepted belief, at least in my lifetime, that the best defense against tyranny is an educated people.


Blessings upon this fellow. He must be courageous. For truth is best served by courage, and in the case of a religion that kills apostates, it takes a lions heart to speak out.


My Enemy and His Domestic Problem


My how it fills my lungs with cool clean air. I sense God is watching and smiling.


A bird craps the nest,

Flicks its wings, chirps a little,

Fly, fly away now.







My enemies carbuncle is my G-Spot of righteous indignation.  Fly away little turd bird the war birds will find you one day.


The Crucible





Breaking ceasefire, Hamas abducts soldier, kills two others                                THE CRUCIBLE


UK Muslima: “Sisters, if you love your sons, husbands and brothers, prove it by sending them to fight for Allah”THE WOMB OF BEELZEBUB


Hamas was voted into power by the Palestinians, the very people being instructed to “bare their chests to the Israeli fire.” Hamas charter defines their goal as the annihilation of Israel. Now an Israeli soldier has been abducted, which gins up the stakes exponentially for the Israeli’s. Hymie don’t play this, you don’t kidnap an Israeli  soldier.   The launch tube snipe hunt will  be replaced with the finding and killing Hamas leadership under full occupation, troops, tanks, the whole schlemiel  “pardon my Yiddish.” Escalation wet dream of Hamas. Hey why not, it’s the women and children, not Hamas leadership, who takes the heat!

A death-cult against the world. The multigenerational depth of the Cult, unless it is somehow catastrophically destroyed en masse’, ensures fresh jihadi to offset attrition in the ranks. While our children sleep with sugar-plum fairies dancing in their dreams, little Ibrahim is trained in beheading,  Even the Japanese weren’t as crazed to die as the Muslims.

When one speaks to the host of Beelzebub he is beguiled by the formless whisper of a throbbing cloud of flies. The devil is a deceiver, and he will use our love of life as a weakness against us. Heed not the overtures of truce. These are just strategic breaks for Hamas as well as windows to redeploy and resupply.  ‘Strategic‘ cease fires.


Amid the relentless caterwauling about the evil Israelis persecuting the famous teddy bear manufacturers, Hamas ‘R’ Us  and essentially, the Muslim Brotherhoodies, we find a moment of rational thinking and a civil delivery of the message backing the Israeli position on Gaza punitive expedition.





Qatar: Muslim cleric prays for Allah to kill the Jews



Hamas killed 160 “Palestinian” children to build jihad terror tunnels

Hamas killed 160 “Palestinian” children to build jihad terror tunnelsSUFFER THE CHILDREN…



Just follow the line of little bits of news  print. We may find the main-stream-media on the phone with Hamas cutting deals on exclusive coverage.  A terrorist group getting its comeuppance will not get ratings for CNN.  But a authority figure that shares a culture with the press is fair game. In order to cushion their psyche against the truth that they are siding with evil, the Liberal considers the violence of Islam as a natural occurrence, with unpleasant effects on some  unimportant ( underling) people. Like a blizzard or hard rain, the damage done is attributed to a blameless nature.                                                                                                                            

The sins of the Israelis are seen as quite personally insulting to the Liberals sensitivities. That is because, at deep levels even  he/she  cannot acknowledge, the Liberal considers the oppressed as a different breed, that cannot be expected to be responsible for their behavior in the same manner  as another human. There is greater felt guilt  in being misspoken to by your professor then in all the murders of Islam.  They are soul mates with death.  and are relaxed aNd happy to Kill.  But Don’t condemn the lion for taking down the antelope. They know not what they do.

Osama bin Laden in a 2002 broadcast for Middle East Broadcasting Corp ...


At best this theory can be correct, at worst it is not valid at all, but in leu of another believable reason, I  must report the truth that Hamas is directly responsible for civilian casualites inflicted by targeted Israeli bombing.

Little toddler Ibrahi, is standing on a roof that covers a Hamas missle site. He and his parents got the call warning of the attack, read the leaflets dropped by the Israelis advising evacuating the site. His parents and he do leave. They are then commanded   to ignore the Israeli warnings and to  Return home by Hamas  and to “bare their chest to the rockets“.

None of this has been featured in the MSM. CNN   is not still cutting exclusivity contracts with Hamas,          but their current covrage  is definitely firmly behind presenting Hamas as innocent victims.