There is a place where young people go when they can’t think of what to do after high school that justifies doing nothing rather than getting a job while still feeling just a lttle superior to others. COLLEGE!! That’s right, you can stand shoulder to shoulder with Einstein and Freud and do nothing that requires knowledge, writing cursive or making an effort.       COLLEGE!!!  The blue meanie below points to an article about unvarnished hatred and grandiosity supported by the self deception being doled out whole sale in our so called institutes of higher learning.

They Told Us What They are Going to Do!


  1. It doesn’t take a shooting war to conquer a nation. It just takes a victim who invites you in. Here is the manner of incursion according to the charter of the Brotherhood:  1) Find a country that has been sufficiently feminized (an ignorant public is a plus). 2)Cry and ask for asylum. 3) Kick back and wait for the publics belief in their inherent decrepitude to do its work), 4.  ( Use the publics own sense of morality against them, while guilting them over perceived past crimes of the west against Islam.) 5. (Start choosing the new drapes for the white house.)




One hundred years have passed since the brave martyrs at Broken Hill sacrificed  themselves to save the Ottoman Empire. This little article defines the particulars of the conflict between our two heroic Jihadies and , oh anybody who happened to be passing by. It could be transposed from headlines today with no change to the story except for the dates and names. Everything is identical from one incident to the next.  Nothing will heal their timeless hate.