About four years ago a brash loudmouthed rich American man began a campaign for the highest place in the land, the office of president of the U.S.. He was the least presidential man I have seen ascend to the purple. Crude of speech and very simple of thought he was embarrassing to watch, if you expected your standard chief executive known to the oval office in decades before. Fears of nuclear annihilation and cultural deterioration shivered my timber and rocked my boat. But the left chose just about the only people who were less desirable for the position as he, (Trump)……… A  cadre of   aggressive socialists, direct enemies to capitalism and bent on destroying the AMERICAN system.. Obama opened the door, made rather fawning peace with the Muslims of the world. turned a cold shoulder to our heretofore allies in Israel,  colonialism and our past profits at their expense, and apologized to the world for the crusades, various colonial ventures, and the drilling of many unattractive holes in their deserts in search of oil..

Karma, destiny, or just a good old fashioned case of  “come – uppence” caused a pyroclastic flow of submerged vitriol of unresolved anger to shake our world and rattle the framework of our shared Americanism. Now we are set against each other and wondering how it all happened.  


From this melee of finger-pointing, cross-accusation and it seems, an endless roster of fring groups ready and willing to burn down your town, ( or their own town for that matter).

And from the murky mists of the D.C. swamp came the harbinger of  dumb…..Joe Biden. YOU THINK COMMUNICATING IS DIFFICULT NOW, JUST LET THIS MAN GET HOLD OF A MOUTH FULL OF WORDS.



My first staffing during my practicum for my counseling masters. Chose to open my mouth and make suggestion in relation to a clients treatment. I advised that a certain diagnostic test be administered. The entire room just sat and stared at me in complete silence. They gave the test in question to every client upon admission! My lak of experience shined in bright garish neon lights above my head.  DUMMMY! But I did learn to shut up! Listen to the old timers who knew something. And maybe learn something.


The underlying rage that she seems to struggle to restrain from a full scale rant, speaks to a  thinly veiled hatred for America and a desire to make her accountable for real or imagined crimes against humanity. She stands recalcitrant for her Jew hating tweets a few days ago. Her non-apology reveals an inability to maintain a professional restraint in her behavior. She strolls in the door, wafting in the perfumes of  contempt for America and perceived crimes and as she is blinded by adolescant  hubris.

NOTE On the flip side, when this video is finished an even more strident brow beating of a witness is pursued by  Ms. Sheila Jackson Lee.  It is unpleasant to watch but does reveal the caustic nature of todays political left. 









There is a place where young people go when they can’t think of what to do after high school that justifies doing nothing rather than getting a job while still feeling just a lttle superior to others. COLLEGE!! That’s right, you can stand shoulder to shoulder with Einstein and Freud and do nothing that requires knowledge, writing cursive or making an effort.       COLLEGE!!!  The blue meanie below points to an article about unvarnished hatred and grandiosity supported by the self deception being doled out whole sale in our so called institutes of higher learning.

They Told Us What They are Going to Do!


  1. It doesn’t take a shooting war to conquer a nation. It just takes a victim who invites you in. Here is the manner of incursion according to the charter of the Brotherhood:  1) Find a country that has been sufficiently feminized (an ignorant public is a plus). 2)Cry and ask for asylum. 3) Kick back and wait for the publics belief in their inherent decrepitude to do its work), 4.  ( Use the publics own sense of morality against them, while guilting them over perceived past crimes of the west against Islam.) 5. (Start choosing the new drapes for the white house.)




One hundred years have passed since the brave martyrs at Broken Hill sacrificed  themselves to save the Ottoman Empire. This little article defines the particulars of the conflict between our two heroic Jihadies and , oh anybody who happened to be passing by. It could be transposed from headlines today with no change to the story except for the dates and names. Everything is identical from one incident to the next.  Nothing will heal their timeless hate.