She is intelligent, she is physically attractive, she presents a persona with truck loads of gravitas, and she has a perfect superhero skunk-stipe of white hair coursing through her black hair. From the intensity of the response it takes no professional pundit to discern that Gabbard poses a real threat or she would be ignored by the ol’ hand Clinton. The question lies in the veracity of the call. Has our dear Hill fallen into a morass of conspiracy theory entanglement. Could she be so beguiled by her own paranoia, and need to disown her part in losing her race for the office of President.?

So Hillary Clinton chooses to attack her and accuse her of being a “Russian asset,” I have included cartoon pics of Russian spys to familiarize the uninitiated with the enemies who would utilize Gabbard as an operative


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Democratic candidates have stepped forward to challenge Hillary and her 007 mentality.  Hillarys last attempt to take the presidency was hobbled by a party that was not whole. Infighting and a general absence of a clear Democratic identity kept the votes ricocheting from one candidate to another. In the voters desperation to find a candidate who foots the bill. The pernicious anemia of such a fragmented party, carries no weight and is bound to fail.


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Carl Rove has jumped into the fray as well. He again supports the notion that Hillarys involvement will cost the Dems the election. Same reason, a party so unfocused that they cant find the voters to target and sing to. I do believe she should listen. Carl may be of a differing party but he is one of the best strategists in politics. Listen Hillary. Sit down and shusssssh………………………………..or not. We could use another 4 years.

Hillary Clinton appears at a at a Barnes and Noble in New York City to promote her new book with daughter Chelsea.

Hillary and the Grotesque Pardons

Auntie Hillary is still here? I thought Bill was her keeper this month. And look, the little cutie has got hold of a smartphone. I wonder what she will tweet. A confession maybe? I just don’t think so. Maybe if five died? Well if there is anyone  who knows the up close and personal face of grotesque, it would be Hillary Clinton. She appears to think Pres. Trumps pardons are grotesque. At least the pardons he has granted military personnel seem to trigger a negative response in  ‘ol Hillary. You would think that the ex secretary of state would have a more generous heart when it comes to the men she sent to into the inferno on  that night in Benghazi. Of course, according to Hillary, “What difference does it make now?” 



As a child of the nuclear stand-off that occupied 50 years of the  cold war against the Soviet Union this little faux pa holds an ominous significance to me. But the “you’re my baby girl” relationship between Clinton and the major news conduits will give her a pass on letting slip a major bit of top, top secret information. But wouldn’t it be nice. KLIKDAPIK to read about it.


The Bro-hood of Hillary

It is not that the buffoons in the Clinton crew chose a loser to work their Egyptian angle. It is that they didn’t Google the Muslim Brotherhood before choosing to back their take-over of the Egyptian government. I am no one special and I have no  special resources  and I knew long ago that the Muslim Brohood was a toxic Muslim organization that  Egyptians have been at odds with since the late 1930s.

gehad-el-haddadSuch monumental stupidity, naiveté’, or just plain laziness stretches credulity too thin. I mean, I have worked all my life and am broke. They have never had a real job and they are millionaires; they must have something on the ball. They must have known that they were hiring a member of a terrorist organization, (one of the oldest)…..HMMMM? Not naiveté’, ignorance or laziness will come close to the truth. They may be answers but they are not the truth.  The truth is that these miscreants will destroy anything they see that was created before they arrived on the scene. It is the narcissism of the left, draped like a shroud over the culture of the west that dictates the knee jerk response to those things unfamiliar; and history is unfamiliar to the left. They find no wisdom in knowing history.  So every move they have made, or refused to make has been a reflex against established stability of the Pre-Obama-Clinton world:…..

Hosni Mubarak long time leader of Egypt (since the 1980s) and peacemaker with Israel HAD TO GO!. He was a stabilizing influence in the middle east and a hindrance to the ascendancy of fundamentalist Islam. HAD TO GO! Muammar Gadhafi: leader of Libya, convert to our ally after our invasion of Iraq. Stabilizing influence; HAD TO GO! (thus Benghazi happened).  POTUS et. al. armed the creeps that killed our people and burned down our embassy. Iran: Full time enemy to U.S. and one of the two biggest sponsors of terrorists in the world. So we give them about half a trillion dollars and a sweetheart deal that frees them up to continue building a nuclear arsenal!

Israel: Real close ally and the only democracy in the middle east. Enemy of POTUS and Hillary. I guess they just had too many Nobel Prizes under their belt?

Is it any wonder that BIll ad HIll Clinton would employ a terrorist member of the Muzz Brohood In their little “pay for play” organization?

It’s Looking a Little Cloudy….


…in the sky above Donald Trumps campaign,The poll numbers are harbingers of doom for the Republic. The decline of this once great country will be sealed should this bombastic Trump fellow fail to take the presidency. I would have preferred someone with a bit more gravitas than he, but he had the right ideas. I will vote for Trump. If Machiavelli had written a sequel to “The Prince” it would be called the “Princess” and it would have a pic of Hillary Rodham Clinton on the cover. What mistakes Trump will make will be in the range of “new man error”.  Her deliberate actions, aimed at the heart of this capitalistic country, and the traditions of individualism, may spell the end of the American dream. 


A Voice in the Wilderness as History Spins On the Head of a Pin


Socialism = Communism “Light” Pol Pot: Cambodia went Pink with the incursion and take over of the country by the Communist Khmer Rouge (1975 – 1979) Country destroyed and 2 million murdered.

Joseph Stalin: Leader of Communist Russia from the mid ’20s to his death in ’53. An estimated 20 plus million victims starved, executed, and worked to death in Gulags.

Mao Zedong  Tung: As many as 70 million murdered.

Etc., Etc., Etc.. The list of failed socialist regimes is endless. With morass of Venezuela the cherry on topA shopper in Venezuela's eastern city of Puerto Ordaz stocking up on Brazilian products sold at up to 20 times the regulated prices. Shelves were bare just weeks ago. KLIKDAPIK

Quid Pro Quo Hillary Clinton sold state dept. entrée’ to the highest bidder. Claiming that they left the white house dead broke, she parleyed that vacuum into a couple of hundred million without developing a product or service to sell. All she had to sell was connections she had established as first lady and Secretary of state. KLIKDAPIK To read about Clintons conspirator and guarantor of her win in November.

If she wins the white house she will tax an already overtaxed economy, The borders will be open and mobs of poor, unskilled, immigrants will flood into the United States.  Such an ever-increasing permanent dependent class will continue to  drain the fiscal vitality of the United States. The middle class will continue to shrink, the upper class will take their money and run for the hills, and the poor will ACT AS DROWNING VICTIM, PULLING US UNDER because the philosophy of taking is all they know.


Supreme court appointments:  Will give liberal judges a lifetime to circumvent congress and legislate from the bench. This is a direct assault on the constitutional integrity of our government.

Corporate taxes are higher than anywhere else in the world. She will again raise taxes and in so doing drive the last nail into the coffin. We are already 20 trillion in debt. Companies burned by taxes and  the unions extravagant in  demands (just take a look at the end result unions given a free hand  in the automotive industry)   on manufacturing  that have destroyed America’s ability to produce…..anything.  She will, in effect, out-source the bulk of our economy.

Interesting to note: American won the 2nd world war because our steel industry out produced our foes. We fought a world war on two distinct theaters, the Pacific and European and won. Now we would be hard pressed to find a steel producing foundry  within our borders. In some major ways we are dependent upon the production capabilities of other countries.

So please, vote against Hillary if you can’t vote for Trump. He is crude, he is unvarnished, he is too quick with the lip, but he is a good ole’ capitalist and a bully boy. We need a bully boy right now. Now that a decade of a president who would rather be praised by  enemies than by ugly Americans. (Why stop with just being president of the U.S. when  you can be the savior of the world!).  POTUS is a cosmopolitan “citizen of the world” who never had any real love of the American dream. Hillary will just continue with his administration for as long as she can. But I don’t think the U.S. can endure much more of this transformation to a socialist country. All of the major cities that have been administered by liberals in past years are being consumed by riots, murder and poverty.

Please vote for Trump. There are times when a bully-boy is just the prescription for the pernicious anemia of socialism.