Captives of the Right Hand

When reading the life and times of Mohammad, you may hear reference to “captives of the right hand”.  This refers to  women taken as the spoils of war for the purpose of being sex slaves. Or rape slaves, I guess. This linked pik  describes the harassment of women, liberated from the grip of ISIS, Ex sex slaves.


The Force Within

What world is Omar living in? Congress Woman Omar is but the harbinger, the first drop that whispers the warning of a coming deluge, Sympathizer, and apologist for the savage ISIS, sworn enemy of  western civilization, and vocal anti-Semite, Omar advocates for none but her own, Interest in relieving the suffering of none but ISIS, she asks that we go easy on the ISIS who already occupy our prison cells. Our prisons have had robust recruiting of new and angry converts for a couple of decades. Now they have an advocate to help them sidestep punishment for their indiscriminate carnage.



Whether it is apologizing to every cheep-shot nabob in the middle east, backing the Muslim Brohood in the Egyption (oops buyers remorse) debacle, or arming some really bad guys in the Libyan apocalypse, the Obama administration shows a positive genius  in picking anti-American terrorists to side with. In recent months collusion throughout the FBI and the Department of Justice have been exposed as both institutions connived to carry water for the administration.



Since the  Muslim  Exodus from the middle-east, to any and all cultures that are not Muslim, this administration has opened the door and closed it’s eyes while   a toxic diaspora of  masses yearning to not getting shot, beheaded, or burned alive in their own country move to the great American neighborhood (with a smattering of terrorists to liven things up.)  Ya know, the great satan, America!

For the future health and well-being of the democratic party, it doesn’t matter what kind of character these immigrants have as long as they  weaken the traditional American culture with contradictory beliefs…..  and vote Democrat.

Obama is a cosmopolitan, a “man of the world”. He believes he was anointed to change the world entire, not just that old bully-boy, the USA. But for a complete transformation of the world, America must be redefined as too weak to influence the course of world events. So burden the systm even though it ciphons away our treasure. Let the troubled third world across the line, Jihadists and all. Feed, house and educate their children while simultaniosly destroying existing infrastructure. The coal industry must go!  The pipeline that would give America cheap fuel and total energy independence must go!  Etc., etc., and etc. The rich should be fleeced of their extra cash through taxes that serve to dampen the economy. So poof, there go some more manufacturing industries, off to Mexico! Eventually, when there is a huge, well entrenched dependent class of third world transplants it will be time to pay the piper and keep the progressive movement well fed on votes.

 It seems that everything the POTUS contrives, weakens the basic traditions and laws of this country. Sometimes I feel like I am going mad trying figure out why.   “Gotta break some eggs if your making an omlette”!   Obama does not desire a stronger America.  He wants just the opposite. He wants to hobble this unruly country and share-out our power around the world. He wants to weaken what used to be the exceptional spirit of the U.S. and have the it  takes its place one us “one among many”.


Burning Family Pictures/Smashing Family Heirlooms


Why not ruin a ruin? For the iconoclastic torturers and killers of ISIS, the ruins of Palmyra were a blight that must be eradicated. Any achievement of man, that is not a product of Islam, is thought of as an evil influence.

Of the 500 top universities in the world , not one is born of an Islamic country. Islam identifies knowledge as evil.  Mindless obedience to the point of death is considered  holy.  Kalhed al-Assad the 82-year-old professor and custodian of the antiquities, refused to give up the location of ancient artifacts. He was tortured and then killed. His body hung on public display. Isis killed in order to destroy,= villains.  Kalhed died to preserve part of our heritage.= A hero.


ISIS KAPUT !!! via U.S. Airpower!


The real damage is not the lies but the environment that provides a safe haven for liars of a particular political inclination.  Of course victory has never been the goal. Obamas’ goal has always been to slow-walk the problem till the end of his administration. ISIS is his gift to his successor. Now, lulled by hubris into a false sense of security, they reveal themselves En masse’ with the dog-eared excuse “Duh we dint know!”

“Hey Houstus you’re sposed to fall down when I shoot ya’ !!”




Our efforts to wage war on a mass o’ miscreant, misogynistic, morons have net a big Goose-egg.

So we’re escalating. Klilk da pik to read the article on how the world commits suicide by cannibalism.




Eric holder thinks Fox News gins-up mass contagion over terrorist events. He takes the “Move along folks. Nothing to see here.”  tact in response to public concern. His goal in this particular interview is to reduce the public’s awareness of the truly heinous organization, ISIS (ISIL etc.) . Eric Holder  wants us to calm our fears, and keep the strident opinions to ourselves.

Eric went histrionic over the Ferguson hoax. He dropped the affairs of a nation, left his office, and headed to Ferguson in order to tie the noose. A grand jury already was in process adjudicating the incident. It was covered. But Holder’s blood lust drove him insert himself, so he appears in Ferguson.

Eric Holder went ballistic over the Zimmerman shooting  and dropped the nation’s business so he could fan the flames of that lynch mob  Neither of these incidents gave any indication that hate laws had been broken, but hoping to find a way to string Zimmerman up,  Holder pressed on and even went public. soon we had three part harmony from Obama, Holder, and Sharpton as they went public with their paranoid delusions of a new millennia Jim Crow creeping across the land. 

An Obama operative has recently bragged that the Obama Whitehouse has been miraculously scandal free the last six years. Ask any conservative and he will offer a long list beginning with Benghazi, the IRS harassing conservative organizations, the gun walking incident etc. ad infinitum. It is discouraging. Even though we share a world, we all live in separate realities.








afdi cartoon poster74Don’t you think my hat sets off the green in my eyes.

Breaking hearts? How much pain. Thirteen of the killed were from the same village.





If the silent sense of hate doesn’t grip you by the end of this little stroll your already dead…

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