Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me……..for the Kingdom of Heaven Belongs to Such as These.

A murder of crows gathers around the children in this link. Their black niqabs move like shadows around the brightness and energy of the children. It is hard to imagine such light can be born of such darkness. But it is the charge of the crows to eliminate the sparkle that naturally lights the eyes of a child. It is their sign of success when the blank, dead-man stare covers that light and flattens their expression. Where there could have been sugar plum fairies dancing in their head , they have images of men and women decapitated, (with both sharp and dull knives), buried to their chest and stoned to death,  men thrown from tall buildings, human immolation will make an appearance and suicide bombers vests will clad all the characters in  their dreams.

Women and children ride in the back of a truck

The ISIS forces have been scattered to the wind, al- Baghdadi is dead and the rest are in hiding in refugee camps. But from these camps the word is getting out that ISIS is not defeated and  indeed will rise again.

At least part of the confidence in a resurgence emanates from the deep indoctrination of children. They are the vessel which will carry the ISIS dreams across the defeat of this army to a time when, having regrouped and re-armed they resume their destruction in order to re-establish the caliphate they came so close to creating.  Freud said, “Raise one generation right, and the problems of the world would disappear.”  He also states “child is father to the man.” Invariably, we rerun to our early training.








And that, is the problem.


I had resolved to post some positive content to counterbalance the negative that reporting on the world always gravitates to. While I was looking for a good, inspirational story or pik, I was stricken by this photo of prisoners, (of ISIS) and could go no further. You cannot look away from evil and escape it’s putrid touch. Evan when it whispers in your ear that you are burned out and too negative.  Such a message is just another lie that evil tells you to weaken your resolve, still your voice, and close your eyes. Below is a pik that links to a short article. The pik is of two Syrian prisoners being made to crawl as dogs to be burned alive by their ISIS captors.

How many times can your heart break at the sight of such cruelty.


I have found nothing concerning bulldozers and their use in executing Sharia law. I am certain that they would have used them for that purpose had they had them back in the 6th and 7th century.  Very little has changed in the heart of the followers of Islam and the assertion that they are only following Islamic Law is a cynical justification for murdering people. The charges for the capital  punishments include “failure to follow orders, and blasphemy” among the crimes used to justify the execution of ISIS own people.

Now that they have been pushed back and dispossessed of the territory they claimed, it seems the murderous urge has turned inward. It could be the finger pointing that usually fills the air after a great military failure, or a realization among the troops that the jig is up and their leaders are bogus loser.  Recrimination and commensurate  violence is extreme and the methods of murder are becoming more gruesome. It is obvious that no ‘reluctant’  exorcise in punishment is being  thoughtfully and seriously applied. No staid protocol for the punishments exists,. only the limits of the imagination is the governor of their star chamber udjudications.. In the past, tanks have been used to crush prisoners and some have been caged doused with gas and burned alive.  It is obvious that the executioners are men who just love killing and inflicting terror in the hearts of others.






A term, that on it’s face seems rather sterile and Oh! So professional has krept into the public conversation in recent decades. “Rules of Conduct”. Rules of conduct are limitations  on  our warfighters set down as guidelines to actions taken in a firefight.  If these rules are broken the soldier is in trouble

. Trump said earlier this year that he was considering issuing the pardons.Rules of engagement change; sometimes day to day. This can be a confusing condition when one considers the fog of war and the rage, fear and aggression  makes considered and well thought out decisions a miracle. But that’s what we think we want them to do. We want our boys to make split second life or death decisions, and  get it right. Or suffer the concsequences of a common criminal.

President Trump is pardoning some of the more questionable cases of  miscarriages of justice. With the heart of Darkness we are fighting right now,…. Agonizing over every iffy gunfight will serve no purpose more than getting more Americans killed and less Americans of true grit joining our military. Americans are traditionally the good guys. Right now there are mobs of Hong Konger  citizens holding up American flags and singing our national anthem in their bid for  freedom from mainland China. The world well knows that of  all the wars we have fought and won, we have never claimed territory greater than enough ground to bury our dead.  But is all boils down to connecting with that masculine part of our nature fearlessly,  “walk the razors edge” and hope that we can behave ourselves, kick ass, and somehow find salvation for our fighting the good fight.     In the PRESCRIBED MANNER.

Kurds and Turks Should GIVE PEACE A CHANCE

The ethnic Kurds have occupied that same stretch of land at the bottom of Turkey for the past two millennia. They have a right to be where they are just on the basis of living out a history in that area so long. They have been where they are, long before The Ottomans and much longer than the Turks.

The Kurds have been designated as terrorists by the Turks who have a long -standing feud with them. Turkey will   attempt  to genocide the Kurds……. Sooner or later.  Turkey is no stranger to committing Genocide. On the heels of the dissolution of the Ottoman empire, the Turks initiated a genocidal march the brings to mind the Bataan death march, or Americas own genocidal march, “The Trail of Tears” when they set several Indian tribes on a forced march from the eastern seaboard to the Oklahoma territory. 15 thousand Native American men, women and children perished on the trail west. The Turks killed approximately one million Armenians they set afoot and forced to march and die. Die from starvation, outright execution and exposure.

The video included here discusses the present problems in the area that has been under recent dispute with ISIS recently subdued and neutralized as a power in the region. It broke a lot of hearts, mine included to abandon good allies such as the Kurds. And  I do not expect ISIS to lay fallow now that those captured have been liberated by our withdrawal..


Back in 2014 there was a news break concerning a group of Yazidis backed up to a mountain peak, surrounded by ISIS fighters bent on killing them.  It was news for a week or so. Do you know what ultimately happened to the Yazidis?   As they cling to the remnants of a small territory occupied they have for a few thousand years, they are faced with genocide. Considered “devil worshipers” by  the Iraqis, backed, (inconsistently), only by the equally besieged Kurds, they are a ongoing target of opportunity for the antagonistic Muslim populations. And remnants of ISIS are still targeting them for destruction.

Iraqi Yazidis celebrate the Yazidi New Year


Those damn Buddhists are at it again? Nah how bout…..Those Hindus are such a bunch of terrorists? NOPE, just doesn’t fit…..These damn Easter sermons are just too volatile! The survivors should be lashed and jailed over tempting Jihadi to blow themselves up in church’s! Thus it is in most rape cases in Muslim land, the victim is to blame by making themselves available for the crime to be committed.  ALLAH MADE ME DO IT! But whats a lonely Jihadi to do? Can’t get laid on earth so he has got to blow himself……up….or he won’t get blown at all.  Heaven, it seems is just the “Bordello of Blood” for Islamists in  a hard way and  looking for love. However, the link below is to a little update on the events surrounding the bombings. Isis is taking credit, the ten day warning that was not heeded, and some words of wisdom from our own Cardinal Sarah on the world overview of terrorism as it relates to the current events.  KLIKDAPIK below.

Christians, and “Captives of the right hand” Killed

Kate Hoey,  Labor MP in the UK, slams the mainstream media for ignoring the jihadi violence directed toward Christians  in sub-Saharan Africa. Appx. 120 Christians have perished in a spate of Muslim attacks on Christian communities in Nigeria in the last couple of weeks.

While the fate of as many as three thousand Yazidi sex slaves are thought to have been massacred as a closing act of ISIS in Syria.

Media coverage is…..ZIP!


KLIKDAPIK for more info……..Kate Hoey MP of Labor , UK.

An interesting note is that this blog covered this discrepancy in media coverage  several days ago.


In a final act of defiance, ISIS is beheading numbers of Yasidi sex slaves as they surrender to coalition troops. Dumping severed heads in trash cans for their conquerors to find. The besieged and defeated ISIS fighters, in rags and showing the wear and tear of a hard drubbing,  remain openly contemptuous of their captors. for more Klikdapik below…….

Fighters of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces on the frontlines in the Syrian village of Baghuz, ISIS last holdout in Syria (Photo: DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Nigeria; Muslims murder 85 and set fire to 100 homes in a series of attacks on villagers. It eems that there is a drastic under-reporting of such massacres in sub-Saharan Africa. Attacks as described in the linked article (Klikdapik below) occur on a weekly basis yet never break “above-the-fold” mention in mainstream press. Could this be a case of soft-serve racism? Nonetheless, such incidents deserve reporting regardless of the third-world standing of predominately black African countries.



The Angels of the Pit

Sandwiched between advancing coalition forces, with their backs to the river and across the river Syrian forces waiting, ISIS men women and children  surrender while still spitting epithets and promising a violent comeback in the future. Even in defeat, with their very lives in the hands and at the behest of the mercy or malice of their captures,the hubris of religious hatred must be expressed.

More than 7000 people, mostly women and children, have fled the shrinking pocket over the past days, as US-backed forces press ahead with an offensive to crush holdout jihadist


With Osama Bin Laden’s words echoing through the hearts of the defeated, the hubris of, “Our religion is a religion of death, yours (the weaker) is a religion of life.” holds sway to the last breath. Logic, appeasement, rhetoric and cajoling cannot educate or eliminate such religious fervor. Only a massive displacement of beliefs can change such heartfelt beliefs. A rare event at best.

This article has some sumptuous photos. The children pictured are being groomed to die for the caliphate……. by their mothers!


Captives of the Right Hand

When reading the life and times of Mohammad, you may hear reference to “captives of the right hand”.  This refers to  women taken as the spoils of war for the purpose of being sex slaves. Or rape slaves, I guess. This linked pik  describes the harassment of women, liberated from the grip of ISIS, Ex sex slaves.