MSM and Racial Bias in African Tragedies

The triage that selects stories for attention by the MSM is compelled by greed for readers/audiences and the revenue such audiences attract. Some of the selection is based on political bias. In an election year the political considerations hold primacy above all.other factors. I have noticed , however, that sub-saharan Africa never gets the attention that other areas get. But i would bet the farm that if the victim looked like Shirley Temple, the marines would be called on to save her. regardless of which side of the sahara she was sitting on————– hmmmmmmmm?


According to the Nigerian House of Representatives, Baroness Cox, member of the House of Lords, sends the message that genocide is taking Nigeria. Thousands have perished in recent years as Fulani Herdsman empty established villages in order to supplant and replace the population with Muslim extremists. KLIKDAPIK for more details………,

In this piece, the lingering question of non-existant mainstream media coverage is again addressed.  What if the victims had been Muslim? Has a holy war been silently declared on Christendom in Sub-Saharan Africa? The attacks on small villages are brash assaults, carried out openly, with extreme acts of violence meant to bring defenseless villagers to their knees in submission. Only with a total freedom of fear of reprisal could such massacres be committed unchecked for years. Since 2015, 6000 Christians have been killed and another 12000 displaced by marauding Islamists.  

Christian Genicide

Christian genocide is happening in Sub-Saharan Africa. The fact that it is being underreported by the Main Stream Media is a testimony to narcissism of the public. As long as these massacres are neatly tucked down below the Sahara and the populations affected are black, nothing significant is being done by those international organizations that can do for them. When I hear snowflakes crying for safe spaces on campus or barking for respect plus one for their particular sexual identity I am driven to an emotional nausea at the very thought of such self-serving  political correctness.

The possibility of having your community razed to the ground and families being put to the knife or gun because of their religion, frames the gripes of the average citizen of the developed societies in a damning fashion. Our hubris I hope will eventually fall before the pressure of public opinion so that the scales might fall from our eyes and our hearts will regain the vision to see the unpleasant realities they have turned away from for so long.

Christians, and “Captives of the right hand” Killed

Kate Hoey,  Labor MP in the UK, slams the mainstream media for ignoring the jihadi violence directed toward Christians  in sub-Saharan Africa. Appx. 120 Christians have perished in a spate of Muslim attacks on Christian communities in Nigeria in the last couple of weeks.

While the fate of as many as three thousand Yazidi sex slaves are thought to have been massacred as a closing act of ISIS in Syria.

Media coverage is…..ZIP!


KLIKDAPIK for more info……..Kate Hoey MP of Labor , UK.

An interesting note is that this blog covered this discrepancy in media coverage  several days ago.

Taxi Drivel


Hammer took a cab yesterday. My  drivers country is falling apart and he is smiling. I suppose because he is over here and Nigeria is over there. Sub Saharan Africa is a bit of a mystery to me. It is the ‘Dark Continent’  ya know. Stories like this are becoming more common. They are a trend that is related to but not the same as the high profile media grabbing ISIS, Al-Qaida, etc. actions. Such anti-Christian bigotry is more a thing of the masses. And the general sensitivity and combustibility of local conflicts between Christian and Islamic populations is increasing.  Some boil and some simmer, but the heat is on all over the globe.



Mohammed Yusuf organized Boco Haram back in 2002. Since that time they have been working overtime to establish themselves as a legitimate terror organization. The video remarks on just a couple of incidents. I am preparing a more complete time-line right now.

Where is the state department in the last decade of kidnappings and massacres? Has Hillary dropped the ball on Boko Haram? She was in a position to identify them as a terrorist organization as Secretary of State. But as yet this pack of feral dogs has been given a pass on being identified as a terrorist organization. Why? They have been working their butts off trying to garner a reputation as a bad-ass group by doing more heinous acts than anyone else on the block. One theory that has been floated is that our state department is reluctant to designate another new terrorist group during midterm elections. You Know, “Al-Qaida is on the run?” The administration is in denial concerning the WAR that has been declared on modern western civilization by the military wing of Islam. So you may hear all sorts of claptrap and verbal gymnastics in an attempt to de-terrorize the situation . I suppose we should leap into action and call a team of volunteers from OSHA to go inspect the obvious “work place violence” that has blighted northern Nigeria.