I am in the process of destroying you. Ya Dweeb!

HIJRAH is an old tried and true tenant of Islam. It’s not a matter of refugees committing premeditated Hijrah as they cross the border, as much as it is that the support for living as a secret enemy in the land that opened its arms to you is codified in the Koran.  What happens when you are a young male among a multitude of needy people living in refuge status? Will the secret Hijrah look a bit better when you’re down and out a year or two since your rescue?. About then a refugee can find succor in the fact that he is a martyr, headed for paradise by drilling holes in the very life-boat that floats him.  And, as any Palestinian could tell you, ghettos of refugees already have such secret clubs ready and waiting for the new immigrant. Waiting to begin his training and indoctrination into the cause of the quiet Jihad.. And in countless aggressive and passive-aggressive ways he will commit Hijra of “his own volition.” Eh heh.

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