RANDY QUAID,  not known for his restraint of tongue or pen does hit the mark in his rant at the magical machinations of the Mainstream Media,MSNBC. better feel lucky that refunds aren’t required after false news accounts are spread across the ether of the beautiful U.S. skies. It boggles the mind that there are  brain damaged snowflakes  who believe the testy tools of the empire of the flies. Who is Beelzebub, lord  of the flies? I like to think it is Chris Matthews, He is about the oldest whore on the block and knows all the Democrat cronies. Once in a while, HOWEVER, a voice from the right side of the rails shouts to heavens the real truth. Even if it is the truth that lies are being told.




I Love Condi

Just a little vid on reality rather than the delusional cloud that has descended upon America. Bull Conner is no longer openly setting the dogs on civil rights people as fire hoses knocked ’em down. As a white male I thought things were going swimmingly between the races. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I do know who stands to benefit from bad race relations in the U.S.. The worse things are, the better it is for the mainstream media. The worse things are the better for the liberal demagogues who need conflict to justify their bitter, empty lives, and political identities.

Christians, and “Captives of the right hand” Killed

Kate Hoey,  Labor MP in the UK, slams the mainstream media for ignoring the jihadi violence directed toward Christians  in sub-Saharan Africa. Appx. 120 Christians have perished in a spate of Muslim attacks on Christian communities in Nigeria in the last couple of weeks.

While the fate of as many as three thousand Yazidi sex slaves are thought to have been massacred as a closing act of ISIS in Syria.

Media coverage is…..ZIP!


KLIKDAPIK for more info……..Kate Hoey MP of Labor , UK.

An interesting note is that this blog covered this discrepancy in media coverage  several days ago.

Kicking the Can

The following vid gives the best overview of the problems along our southern border I have yet encountered. If you want to know what the Mainstream Media has been filtering out of their reporting on conditions on the border. This video fills in the gaps. The problem is far greater than has been reported…….for quite a while. But it appears that kicking the can down the road is easier than fighting with liberals to have the border strengthened.

This vid was released in ’14. It could have been released yesterday. Nothing has changed.

What We Already Know



So now that the smoke is thinning out a bit. After the fray, after their candidate lost, the Grey lady and her ilk are gagging up to the truth. The truth that the foundational principals of news reporting were not even touched upon by the press. Accuracy, balance, and above all objectivity are not taught in journalism class any more, (evidently).

The picture of the world the Main Stream media presented had been triaged, honed, distorted and presented as fact to a public programmed to accept news stories as gospel.