I have found nothing concerning bulldozers and their use in executing Sharia law. I am certain that they would have used them for that purpose had they had them back in the 6th and 7th century.  Very little has changed in the heart of the followers of Islam and the assertion that they are only following Islamic Law is a cynical justification for murdering people. The charges for the capital  punishments include “failure to follow orders, and blasphemy” among the crimes used to justify the execution of ISIS own people.

Now that they have been pushed back and dispossessed of the territory they claimed, it seems the murderous urge has turned inward. It could be the finger pointing that usually fills the air after a great military failure, or a realization among the troops that the jig is up and their leaders are bogus loser.  Recrimination and commensurate  violence is extreme and the methods of murder are becoming more gruesome. It is obvious that no ‘reluctant’  exorcise in punishment is being  thoughtfully and seriously applied. No staid protocol for the punishments exists,. only the limits of the imagination is the governor of their star chamber udjudications.. In the past, tanks have been used to crush prisoners and some have been caged doused with gas and burned alive.  It is obvious that the executioners are men who just love killing and inflicting terror in the hearts of others.






A term, that on it’s face seems rather sterile and Oh! So professional has krept into the public conversation in recent decades. “Rules of Conduct”. Rules of conduct are limitations  on  our warfighters set down as guidelines to actions taken in a firefight.  If these rules are broken the soldier is in trouble

. Trump said earlier this year that he was considering issuing the pardons.Rules of engagement change; sometimes day to day. This can be a confusing condition when one considers the fog of war and the rage, fear and aggression  makes considered and well thought out decisions a miracle. But that’s what we think we want them to do. We want our boys to make split second life or death decisions, and  get it right. Or suffer the concsequences of a common criminal.

President Trump is pardoning some of the more questionable cases of  miscarriages of justice. With the heart of Darkness we are fighting right now,…. Agonizing over every iffy gunfight will serve no purpose more than getting more Americans killed and less Americans of true grit joining our military. Americans are traditionally the good guys. Right now there are mobs of Hong Konger  citizens holding up American flags and singing our national anthem in their bid for  freedom from mainland China. The world well knows that of  all the wars we have fought and won, we have never claimed territory greater than enough ground to bury our dead.  But is all boils down to connecting with that masculine part of our nature fearlessly,  “walk the razors edge” and hope that we can behave ourselves, kick ass, and somehow find salvation for our fighting the good fight.     In the PRESCRIBED MANNER.

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