Kurds and Turks Should GIVE PEACE A CHANCE

The ethnic Kurds have occupied that same stretch of land at the bottom of Turkey for the past two millennia. They have a right to be where they are just on the basis of living out a history in that area so long. They have been where they are, long before The Ottomans and much longer than the Turks.

The Kurds have been designated as terrorists by the Turks who have a long -standing feud with them. Turkey will   attempt  to genocide the Kurds……. Sooner or later.  Turkey is no stranger to committing Genocide. On the heels of the dissolution of the Ottoman empire, the Turks initiated a genocidal march the brings to mind the Bataan death march, or Americas own genocidal march, “The Trail of Tears” when they set several Indian tribes on a forced march from the eastern seaboard to the Oklahoma territory. 15 thousand Native American men, women and children perished on the trail west. The Turks killed approximately one million Armenians they set afoot and forced to march and die. Die from starvation, outright execution and exposure.

The video included here discusses the present problems in the area that has been under recent dispute with ISIS recently subdued and neutralized as a power in the region. It broke a lot of hearts, mine included to abandon good allies such as the Kurds. And  I do not expect ISIS to lay fallow now that those captured have been liberated by our withdrawal..

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