Paradise Lost

The link below is a pic of a herd of elephants out for a spritz in Sri Lanka.   A paradise of such striking beauty that the author  of  “2001 A pace Odyssey” and inventor of the communication satellite, Arthur Clark, chose the country to retire to.  Now a decade after a painful civil war, the fledgling peace of the Island is shattered by terrorism. On the Easter holiday, 250 innocent Sri Lankins were murdered by eight synchronized  bombings targeting hotels and churches.


Those damn Buddhists are at it again? Nah how bout…..Those Hindus are such a bunch of terrorists? NOPE, just doesn’t fit…..These damn Easter sermons are just too volatile! The survivors should be lashed and jailed over tempting Jihadi to blow themselves up in church’s! Thus it is in most rape cases in Muslim land, the victim is to blame by making themselves available for the crime to be committed.  ALLAH MADE ME DO IT! But whats a lonely Jihadi to do? Can’t get laid on earth so he has got to blow himself……up….or he won’t get blown at all.  Heaven, it seems is just the “Bordello of Blood” for Islamists in  a hard way and  looking for love. However, the link below is to a little update on the events surrounding the bombings. Isis is taking credit, the ten day warning that was not heeded, and some words of wisdom from our own Cardinal Sarah on the world overview of terrorism as it relates to the current events.  KLIKDAPIK below.