Built around 537 by Roman emperor Justinian, the Hagia Sophia served as the head church of the eastern Roman Empire and essentially, all of Christendom.  Turkey is rededicating the church to the role of mosque in P.M. Erdegons bid to assume primacy as the Sunni head mullah in the region. Russia and Syria have plans on teaming up to build a replica of the church as a thumb in the eye of the Turks. 



The grand mufti of turkey, Erdagan, has been approaching making good on his threat td flooding the border with thousands of  syrIan refugees. Greeks are standing up to the the threat by boldly mobilizing forces to block the tide of humanity Erdagun is foisting on them.

Greece Shuts All Museums and Ruins Over Coronavirus, Including ...

Kudos to  Greece! When President Trump  publicly pilloried  NATO  members that were behind in their dues. Greece was, much to the shame of big boys (like Germany), current in paying her dues. Now she is in another fight with the east. God speed little Greece.


Kurds and Turks Should GIVE PEACE A CHANCE

The ethnic Kurds have occupied that same stretch of land at the bottom of Turkey for the past two millennia. They have a right to be where they are just on the basis of living out a history in that area so long. They have been where they are, long before The Ottomans and much longer than the Turks.

The Kurds have been designated as terrorists by the Turks who have a long -standing feud with them. Turkey will   attempt  to genocide the Kurds……. Sooner or later.  Turkey is no stranger to committing Genocide. On the heels of the dissolution of the Ottoman empire, the Turks initiated a genocidal march the brings to mind the Bataan death march, or Americas own genocidal march, “The Trail of Tears” when they set several Indian tribes on a forced march from the eastern seaboard to the Oklahoma territory. 15 thousand Native American men, women and children perished on the trail west. The Turks killed approximately one million Armenians they set afoot and forced to march and die. Die from starvation, outright execution and exposure.

The video included here discusses the present problems in the area that has been under recent dispute with ISIS recently subdued and neutralized as a power in the region. It broke a lot of hearts, mine included to abandon good allies such as the Kurds. And  I do not expect ISIS to lay fallow now that those captured have been liberated by our withdrawal..


So you can’t get any real good and juicy shots of the fire and explosions. It is a social media speedway these days and you gotta’ get the news out an hour ago or some Jackhammerjohn will jump the gun and beat other news tributaries by

‘that much’.  (Make a pincer gesture with your thumb and index finger)

So if you can’t dredge a real photo of the fighting fast enough, just dig up another pik of some random fire and brimstone and slap a caption under a exploding night-time fire pyre for dramatic affect.  The Knob Creek Gun Range, in West Point, Kentucky supplied the fiery graphics. Professional ethics were supplied by The National Enquirer. Or Somebody that told us they were from the Inquirer.


It has become so tragically familiar, that reality is a disposable commodity. Like the trouth that gets you what you want, A lie that gets you what you want has just the same moral value as any random act that benefits the actor. Thus the truth itself dies as a value in the culture. Without the truth there is no culture.


I feel Shame

It is an Uphill Battle for the Kurds. Ever loyal allies, recently abandoned, to be killed by insurgent Turkish armies, are pleading for some help in staving off the surprise attack Trump helped in setting up with Turkey. When I say that we helped I don’t imply a deliberate compliance with the Turks. The surprise move, with most of Trumps military advisers uninformed of the move before it was made could not have been predicted by the Kurds. Essentialy his pull out took the Kurds by surprise.  They were, in  the words of a westerner,dry-gulched by the move and left to be ethnically cleansed from the Earth.                                   KLIKDAPIK for more.




Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, is pledging assistance to the Kurds in their fight against the Turkish forces that have entered  northern Syria with the avowed purpose of eradicating them. “Israel is prepared to extend humanitarian assistance to the Gallant Kurdish people.” states Netanyahu.  His offer is magnanimous beyond measure in that the Kurds are Muslim. This decision may seem odd if judged through purely partisan values that dictate automatic opposition to the followers of Islam. But honor is the gauge that Bibi is using to dictate his intensions and  actions. Sometimes, in order too act with honor, one must risk all and walk the razors edge.

Netanyahu condemns Turkish invasion: We are prepared to assist ‘gallant Kurdish people’

Honor is the vital link in the chain that binds a man to his self respect. Honor is the most vital link in the chain that binds the word of a man to another man and ultimately, to the world. The abandonment of the our erstwhile friends, the Kurds, is an insult to honor.

For Netanyahu the question will always remain…. What will it take for America to  abandon Israel? Honor cannot be compromised, it must be whole or nothing at all. Honor demands a heavy price sometimes. How far is America willing to go in helping it’s friends. When will we tell Israel “Well sorry but the price is too high. and the benefit to America too low , so sorry, you’re on your own!”  Discussion and debate, reasons and excuses, all are just breath without honor. So Bibi, I have seen the metal of your character, and know you are a man of honor.

Our own POTUS I am not so sure of.




They are Our Friends

President Trump announced that we are abandoning our Kurdish allies to almost certain death as we withdraw our military from Syria. Kurds, in a generational conflict with the Turks have been instrumental in  our victory over the forces of ISSIS. The Kurds have been long term friends of the U.S. and have always “had our backs” in conflicts in the area. They were quite helpful in the Iraq war, and have been quite vocal about their fondness for all things American in a region where some countries lead every Friday prayer session with “Death to America! The Great Satan!”

See the source image


The power vacuums that are left when the relatively small American force goes, and hell will have it’s way. There will not even be a set of eyes set upon  their back as they do their dirty work of disposing of the Kurds. That is all.  it only leaves the Russians as the big dog in the area, yes the vacuum  will be our blindness. Without emersion in  the broiling brawl  of the middle east we are nothing more than a rubes, cooing at a Pollack splatter. Either we are on the outside guessing who is shipping the dirty bomb into New York Harbor, or we know who signs off on it  and what he had for breakfast.  We will be giving card blanch to the Iranians as they consolidate power with Abbas and the Russians and Israel burns in the bargain.

Trump you are fucking up. Big time. I know my blog is  but a little voice in the wilderness, but I wish you would hear me.  Think this through! Please! It is not to late to reposition troops to take care of the Kurds. YOU just can’t do your friends this way………YOU CAN’T…………YOUR AN AMERICAN ………….DO THE RIGHT THNG!!!!!!


John Mixon

How Does Israel Feel About It?

Our “allies”  have something to worry about. The Kurds fought with us during the Iraqi debacle under Bush. They fought shoulder to shoulder in fighting ISSIS. Now that we have defeated the attempts of ISSIS to establish a lasting Caliphate……we abandon the Kurds to be massacred by the Turks.  KLIKDAPIK for more

Netanyahu condemns Turkish invasion: We are prepared to assist ‘gallant Kurdish people’