Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me……..for the Kingdom of Heaven Belongs to Such as These.

A murder of crows gathers around the children in this link. Their black niqabs move like shadows around the brightness and energy of the children. It is hard to imagine such light can be born of such darkness. But it is the charge of the crows to eliminate the sparkle that naturally lights the eyes of a child. It is their sign of success when the blank, dead-man stare covers that light and flattens their expression. Where there could have been sugar plum fairies dancing in their head , they have images of men and women decapitated, (with both sharp and dull knives), buried to their chest and stoned to death,  men thrown from tall buildings, human immolation will make an appearance and suicide bombers vests will clad all the characters in  their dreams.

Women and children ride in the back of a truck

The ISIS forces have been scattered to the wind, al- Baghdadi is dead and the rest are in hiding in refugee camps. But from these camps the word is getting out that ISIS is not defeated and  indeed will rise again.

At least part of the confidence in a resurgence emanates from the deep indoctrination of children. They are the vessel which will carry the ISIS dreams across the defeat of this army to a time when, having regrouped and re-armed they resume their destruction in order to re-establish the caliphate they came so close to creating.  Freud said, “Raise one generation right, and the problems of the world would disappear.”  He also states “child is father to the man.” Invariably, we rerun to our early training.








And that, is the problem.

Denial of Denial

In the years spent and misspent in higher learning, I came across the phenomena of history being rewritten…….. as I looked on in horror. It appears that in riding a crest of scholastic rebellion against previous paradigms, every author of history wants to get a name by being the scholar who ferreted out the “dirt” on many persons places and events of the American past. The sad truth is that the scholarship in the United States is so weakened by it’s ignorant  instructors, that facts, ungainly and old hat for eons, are being “rediscovered” and revealed to  equally undereducated students. ( Whisper aside) (“PSSSST we all knew about Sally Hemmings.” Ya poor benighted dolts! We screwed the Native Americans!”)  The not so revealing revelations could go on ad-naseum, while the Keystone-Culture-Cops whip out their neo-puritan dictionaries and learn us a good lesson on politically correct dialogue! The most disturbing thing is that all this pseudo-wisdom comes in large dollops of hubris.  In all cases it is the utter an utter lack of understanding human nature that defines the distortion in liberal thinking.  In all cases there are some facts that must be ignored in order to satisfy the need to reshape reality to fit progressive political beliefs. Some icon must fall. Some incident must be changed. History as it stands must die to justify invalidating a past  that contradicts present pet social theory.

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Republicans are not American. They are taking away your right to vote! People are getting cancer and dying of fracking! Look who has Obama’s ear on the Keystone pipeline (could be an alien). What are kids being taught about fracking! . Where are the groups of children who share beliefs that fracking is not harmful? Oh! My! They are in a school! I guess it should be called an indoctrination center. .The commonality between the clips is that they are a revelation of fantasy issues defended by unsupported assertions.  Who is providing the spurious information? From K-12 to the first Bachelors degree our children, if they are taught in a public school, have been propagandized by teaching staff to believe the progressive  fantasy line on most issues. If there was aver any restraint in shaping a childs social and political beliefs by government employees, it is sorely lacking now.