AS Soon as the UN Pays it’s Rent We will let Them Help Us.

MS. ILHAN OMAR forgets the country she is living in. In calling for UN possession of our southern border, she eliminates American soverienty in one bold, (somewhat spastic) move.  She reveals her third world mind-set in her 911 call for big daddy UN to save us. An American reaction to such a call would be, “Huh?”

WE are the standard for the world to follow. We don’t beg assistance in maintaining our borders from anybody.


Just a Little to Far For Omar

Our cute little Muslim congressmuslima, is suggesting that the UN take over the southern border as they had in dealing with eastern European countries during the last influx of Muslim migrants. And you know what a fine mess they made of that!

See the source image


 Several bad act have been listed thus far. But the list is an orgy of damning images and attitudes. This  little bit begs the question: What do you think the chances of an American representative advocating for mercy for an ISIS thug? Now listen kids! Do I have to get out my video of the man convulsing in agony, on fire, burning to death in a cage?

Do we have to show prisoners lined up on their knees and summarily beheaded by ISIS killers.

Need I remind you of the scores of  young girls captured as “possessions of the right hand” as they are turned over to large groups of troops to rape and use in any way they choose.

The list of horrors would take more time than I have at the moment.. And in that it is just OK to marry and consummate when the bride is age 9 be sure to send lots of dolls to play with in between screwing by their much older husbands, (Mo married Aisha when she was nine years old, and he was a ripe old 51.

Yeah I can see that. Lets go easy on the poor little ISIS fighter.