Christian Genicide

Christian genocide is happening in Sub-Saharan Africa. The fact that it is being underreported by the Main Stream Media is a testimony to narcissism of the public. As long as these massacres are neatly tucked down below the Sahara and the populations affected are black, nothing significant is being done by those international organizations that can do for them. When I hear snowflakes crying for safe spaces on campus or barking for respect plus one for their particular sexual identity I am driven to an emotional nausea at the very thought of such self-serving  political correctness.

The possibility of having your community razed to the ground and families being put to the knife or gun because of their religion, frames the gripes of the average citizen of the developed societies in a damning fashion. Our hubris I hope will eventually fall before the pressure of public opinion so that the scales might fall from our eyes and our hearts will regain the vision to see the unpleasant realities they have turned away from for so long.


With all the caterwauling about “Islamophobia” , LGBPDQ phobia, brownophobia and ugly white demons from hell phobia, real live persecution gets lost in the dust. Islamophobia will get you air time on any of the MSM news outlets. A gay moment could get some air, and watching muscled up psudo-fems lurching around the track whuppin’ the real women on the field will get a pic on Yahoo front-page. What about the world wide murder, displacement and oppression of Christians? Why do we not hear more about this dismal trend?  Could it be, that what the MSM, (Main Stream Media), reveals is cherry picked to preach to the choir.  Christianity, a restraining force in society, is not popular with the Moonies on the left, so most of the badmouthing Christianity takes place in popular western culture.  Oppositional/defiant disorder, a diagnosis only found in treating adolescents,  marks the emotional age of the die-hard liberals who control most MSM outlets.  Authorities, even spiritual authorities, are seen as the enemy of liberal living and stand in the way of the pan-permissive culture at large.

The linked article is a work of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a converted ex-Muz who has paid a heavy price for her life as a Muslim as well as great courage in confronting damage the religion of Islam wreaks upon women and society in general. so KLIKDAPIK SLIK!


A Pattern Emerges

I have had a vague awareness that Orthodox Christian persecution is happening in the middle east. The reporting of incidents of church burning and the murder of Christians has been sporadic and just as vague as my awareness.” HMMM?  Wonder why?” Could it be that the Mainstream Media has de-emphasized reporting attacks on Christian churches?

 The article linked to the pic of a burning church is an eye-opener. The situation , underreported by the “move along nothing to see here” attitude toward Christians in peril by Christianity’s old nemesis, the Main Stream Media, has allowed the genocide to foment for years unrecognized and  unaddressed.

An Unholy War, Against Christianity

About 1914 the remnants of athe Muslim, Ottoman Empire desided to get rid of all the Armeninas in Turky. They were Christian, relegated to the position of fitna and death would be their fate. This is a genocide  you don’t hear much about. It is a good example of the Jihad that has been waged against Christians for 1400 years.  A  body count of over a million and a half marks their path.  Below is a pik of one of the death marches they were forced to make as their world was shattered and they were raped, tortured and murdered by their Muslim tormentors. Christianity is, at present, the most oppressed religious group in  the world, with more attacks aimed at Christians than any other religion in the world…… excluding the constant murder of fellow Muslims over the Sunni VS Shia killing that has gone on since the very day of Mohammed’s death at the beginning  of the 8th century.. I would strongly advise a perusal of the both the linked article as well as the rough footage of the movie made a couple of years after the event.  Aurora Mardiganian, a survivor of the Genocide, got a movie of the events made a couple of years after her arrival in America and she is in fact, in  a couple of scenes in the movie. Only 20 minutes or so, survive to this day, but it is worthwhile to take a look at it. Get Educated, I did.

The Young Jerks


NannaSkovmandDenmark , a western culture in conflict with a population of immigrants who have overstayed their welcome, is scene to yet another Islamic melodrama.




MSNBC in it’s amusing style, has named one of it’s so politically diverse programs (the Hosts are real Turks) “The Young Turks” I guess it’s OK when it’s Muslims geocoding Christians. Those MSNBC’ers sure are smarter than the rest of us! That’s Cenk  Uygur above.

Different millennium, same perpetrators.. Over a million five massacred in a genocide the Turks still deny. A group of particularly violent criminals agaist humanity were known as the “Young Turks.”, who took it upon themselves to kill as many innocent Armenians as they could (men, women, and children.