“SOME PEOPLE DID SOME THINGS.” was Ilhan Omars  referance to the 09/11/01 the Pentagon and the Twin Towers in New York City. The verbiage was shrill, garbled, and spritzing. was an ugly spectacle.


With the cloud of confusion she has spewed, like ink from a startled squid, her exaggerated outrage served to confuse her attacker as she jetted off to make good her escape. Though Omar’s antics carried a bit of  humor she had best be considered evil in disguise. Evil is real. It is best that we always bare that in mind, Evil is evil and it is a real threat to our American way of life

Say it! Just say it!!!


You ever seen a dog with its nose stuck up a soup can and it cant get it out? It makes a lot of whimpering sounds and struggles spasticly to get out of it’s untenable predicament. Such is the case with politicians who get mired down trying to sell a lie but not be seen selling it…..

The A,B,C’s of OAC !!!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the unabashed bigot is damaging the USA. The smirk below, connecting to an nice short article about Tucker Carlsons epiphany over overlooked Gorillas dwelling in our living room!  Part of the blind spot the public has suffered may be accountable to her manner of bursting onto the political scene in D.C.. While wearing two masks during the hijacking of the American publics consciousness, she delights and disarms the Republicans with assaults on the “swamp” and beguiles the lefties with attacks on the right and bold, (mind numbing) assertions of representing a new party (Democratic Socialism) on the scene. She comes off as the first Democratic Socialist  elected to office in U.S.  history. Any cursory knowledge of the structure of the American Republic, will send a chill of existential threat running down the spine and spawning spastic twitches not dissimilar to Tardive Dyskinesia in  full bloom. So, while our attention is on the angels of Marxism fluttering menacingly about our heads, she blames every ill known to man on the European colonialism of the 19th century.        She is the bigot hiding in plain sight. She is Americas Grand Dragon of  racism and hatred.                                                                          JUST KLIKDAPIK below for more……

Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pictured in a file photo from an Aug. 23 hearing that featured Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The Urbane Wit Of OAC Unleashed on the Fly-Over States

The losers hate the electoral college. In my memory I have seen hatred of the electoral college as one point of bi-partisan agreement……for the losers of general elections for the presidency. For the winners, regardless of their stand before the election, the electoral college isn’t even mentioned. Below is a cartoon that lends a graphic clarity to the effects the electoral college in a country of jour size.

When you KLIKDAPIK below you’ll see what AOC thinks of the electoral college. Of course her pick for president Hillary, lost her bid for the white house.. So she hates the electoral college.

During the rather involved interview a bit of APC’s video sarcasm was revealed. It was a remarkably flat area behind a barbed wire fence, that she referred to as the “Electoral College”  A couple of decades ago you might see me walking across one of those fields. As a child of northwestern Oklahoma, I feel the rich red earth beneath my feet, I can sense the distant smell of the prairie breeze. I hear the beguiling whisper of winter wheat ready for the combines.. The simple fact is, that not only does this land feed America, the land she finds no value in, feeds the WORLD. KLIKDAPIK it’s a long one but worth a look. .As a fellow who worked wheat harvest for many years, even to the point of having my right leg pulled apart in a grain auger, I have a rather intimate acquaintance with where the wheat and parts of me are going. AOC’s sarcasm about the fly-over states and the electoral college is further testament that our educational system is falling down on the job in teaching our children about the workings of government. KLIKDAPIK for a VIDEO DISCUSSION OF AOC AND THE ELETORAL COLLAGE. Its rather involved but worth a few moments attention. 


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What Happened to America?

Congress is easy! Lets just party! THROW ANOTHER JEW ON THE  FIRE!

Or so it goes in the halls of congress these days.  The leader of the “Cause I Said So!”  ( Democrat) party, is having a fools paradise sucking the oxygen out of the Democratic swamp that worships  her.  She is the best example of the effects of ignorance on the political process.

If one wants to know what happened to put Israel where she is, learn history. If you want to know what the scuttlebutt is in the halls of congress, lend an ear to the girl on the unicorn. with Ocasio Cortez, and her comrades, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilahn Omar are the face of the Democratic party.

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If not for the efforts of a few monks and scribes of sundry sorts, much of the mysteries of the past, prior to the fall of the Roman Empire, would be lost forever. Much was lost,  however, and that can never be regained.

How is it that in a span of far less than a century so much has been lost to the Democratic party? At the end of WWII the area, awarded the Jews by the English, the area now known as Israel was instantly attacked by three armies bent of the destruction of the Jews and their dream of living in an Israel of their own making. Word has it, according to the resident expert on recent history, Rashida Tlaib,  the Jews were welcomed with a warm and comforting embrace by the local Bedouins.

Photographs, films, books, major movies, living witnesses and copious quantities of Nazi documentation have it differently than Ms. Tlaib.  Rashida.   Ignorant by regular standards, has proven to possess  GARGANTUAN LEVELS OF IGNORANCE……. or is she just lying?.I guess we could hire some scribes to keep the history of the twentieth century so that those who can’t get the message, with all of our miraculous methods of communication, will not get in the way of spreading the word.

Of course we could all just give in to the truth and understand that AOC and her co-horts have proclaimed, long and loud, “we are anti-Semitic!”  A true toady will not believe the truth, even at the expense of denying reality.  If he/she is told to believe a frog is a dog, she/he will be shopping for tiny little cat leashes to take walks with their amphi8biams of love.



The vid below is a “rant in response” to OAC’s last idiotic statement in dredging up the lefts favorite go – to comparison when they are really trying to sock it to us with impact!…..The holocaust! I mean no heavy point to be made with the vid I posted below. It is just so funny I thought I would share it . The tinker – toys  in Ms. Cortezes skull already trivialized the horrific murder of six million plus human beings. And she used it to drive home a point she was making with FALSE information!  She is Joe Biden in bright red lipstick! In other words, she knows the taste of shoe leather and likes it! CONCENTRATION CAMPES ON  OUR SOUTHER BORDER? COME ON!


Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez claims the united states is operating concentration camps along our southern border. She even goes so far as to refer to the Holocaust in her statement with the reference “Never again.” I am awe stricken at the vast insult to six million innocents murdered at real concentration camps such as Auschwitz or Treblinka. I suppose she would rather the U.S. just turned the immigrant families out onto the streets with no support, shelter or medical attention which is what they are provided at the centers they are housed in now. Think, ponder, and meditate upon this…..She is bulldogging the democratic party. She is setting the agenda and cracking the whip over the bowed heads of the whole host of Democrats who are apparently wandering, lost in a wilderness of irrelevance.

The Prom Queen Speaks!

As patriarch of a brood of five daughters I count myself as an expert on the behavior of females in early adolescence. Judging from the conversational “mulligan stew” expressed in the linked article, Ms. Cortez is working from a 13 year old girls emotional age and verbal skills. KLIKDAPIK it’s a pleasant article (with vid).