When is Enough , ……Enough?

I have tread this earth for 63 lovely years. But I have never heard of the bums rush the congress is gearing up to attempt to expel AOC from congress. No doubt she is anti-Semitic, no drought  she is anti capitalism, no doubt she shuns pragmatic thought. Rep. Ilhan Omar speaks on stage during a town hall meeting at Sabathani Community in Minneapolis in July.. The razor thin factoids she spouts relentlessly  stand in embarrasing stupidity  as she confirms her lack of depth. each time she opens her mouth. 

She is a peach, however, first its the ‘well I married my brother ‘sort of,’ and then we got a “cultural” divorce. Then there was the question about whether she married one dude while still married to another. Then there was the problems with campaign finances. And of late an affair has popped up! Through which she pipelined over 200,000 (two hundred thousand dollars of campaign money through her boyfriend.)

Through the drip, drip, drip, of the water torture of revelations about her personal and campaign life she spices up the quiet moments by spraying her anti-Semitism over the social network. to every one who listens. Her blatant hostility to Israel has had her blocked from visiting Jerusalem, and her adherence to the BDS movement that is bent toward the elimination of Israel is well known.

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