The Urbane Wit Of OAC Unleashed on the Fly-Over States

The losers hate the electoral college. In my memory I have seen hatred of the electoral college as one point of bi-partisan agreement……for the losers of general elections for the presidency. For the winners, regardless of their stand before the election, the electoral college isn’t even mentioned. Below is a cartoon that lends a graphic clarity to the effects the electoral college in a country of jour size.

When you KLIKDAPIK below you’ll see what AOC thinks of the electoral college. Of course her pick for president Hillary, lost her bid for the white house.. So she hates the electoral college.

During the rather involved interview a bit of APC’s video sarcasm was revealed. It was a remarkably flat area behind a barbed wire fence, that she referred to as the “Electoral College”  A couple of decades ago you might see me walking across one of those fields. As a child of northwestern Oklahoma, I feel the rich red earth beneath my feet, I can sense the distant smell of the prairie breeze. I hear the beguiling whisper of winter wheat ready for the combines.. The simple fact is, that not only does this land feed America, the land she finds no value in, feeds the WORLD. KLIKDAPIK it’s a long one but worth a look. .As a fellow who worked wheat harvest for many years, even to the point of having my right leg pulled apart in a grain auger, I have a rather intimate acquaintance with where the wheat and parts of me are going. AOC’s sarcasm about the fly-over states and the electoral college is further testament that our educational system is falling down on the job in teaching our children about the workings of government. KLIKDAPIK for a VIDEO DISCUSSION OF AOC AND THE ELETORAL COLLAGE. Its rather involved but worth a few moments attention. 


See the source image

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