Fake News

The photo below carried the caption……..

Lindsy Graham would take a bullet for Trump. He loves Trump. So this pic seemed a little out of place heading a hit piece in Yahoo News. With a minimum of a search (took all of one minute) I found this shot, completely unrelated to any communication regarding impeachment. It was Grahams famous rant at SCOTUS Kavanaghs hiring hearing. The pik below, takes you to a rather mild little article concerning impeachment, but its value to me is that it is a clear example of manufactured or faked news. NO DOUBT!….. And judging from the ease of discovering the origin of the pic…..they are not even trying very hard any more. Is it a case of, always rely on the ignorance of the public?



Bias? Who? Me?

The link below points to a phenomena only the dead could not be aware of. But here is the ugly picture of the “fourth estate” selling out to the liberal snipe hunt for a reason to impeach. In fact Wolf Blitzer is even giving the marching orders to get it on and go ahead and impeach. the stats, as further explicated in the article linked are damning  

Hear are the Pythons in full inquisitional garb! GET IT?