My spouse bought me a MAGA hat recently. I have had the haat for a cople of months but have not worn it outside the house yet. I don’t want  to endure the possible skirmish that might occur should the denizens of Beelzebub attack the hat, (while I am under it). This is proof that a minority can control the actions of the majority if they are willing to break rules and cross boundaries that others are reluctant breach.

Germanys Commissioner on Anti-Semitism  has advised that Jews shouldn’t wear Kippahs in public in Germany. It appears that less than a century past the deliberate murder of six million Jews, Jew hating has a strong hold in Germany again.

The vid below elaborates on the general assault on “all things conservative.”  But in searching out vids supportive of the issue of aggression against ideas, I discovered a growing mob  of young people who are hip to the guile and wiles of the leftists, and are willing to forge ahead and stand tall against the snowflakes and moon bats who would silence them.

The robust lads pikd below had their MAGA hats subjected to a bit of yearbook censorship. HIt the link the article is worth a quick read.



Walk Away

Brandon Straka has been quite vocal about his personal revelation concerning his drastic change of heart and the strange transmutation of the so called Democratic party and Liberalism in America. In writing the preface I considered two things, 1. Is this vid so strident in it’s condemnation of the direction the Dems have taken in recent decades. 2. Is Mr. Straka’s delivery too “in your face.” Will he be considered part of the privileged white male cabal that is threatening to pee in everyone’s Cheerios?

1: My conviction to illuminate current trends is more of a burden than benefit. I could just “go with the flow,” and cull favor with the left, or press the issue with the perspective that you can only gain by living a long time and seeing history happen.

2: Mr. Straka is gay so his credibility is beyond reproach. If he were a white male heterosexual I would be in real trouble.