Hillary and the Grotesque Pardons

Auntie Hillary is still here? I thought Bill was her keeper this month. And look, the little cutie has got hold of a smartphone. I wonder what she will tweet. A confession maybe? I just don’t think so. Maybe if five died? Well if there is anyone  who knows the up close and personal face of grotesque, it would be Hillary Clinton. She appears to think Pres. Trumps pardons are grotesque. At least the pardons he has granted military personnel seem to trigger a negative response in  ‘ol Hillary. You would think that the ex secretary of state would have a more generous heart when it comes to the men she sent to into the inferno on  that night in Benghazi. Of course, according to Hillary, “What difference does it make now?” 



“…YOU’RE all wrong! There simply is no elephant here!” Perino and Krauthammer give concise and clear opinions concerning the powers that be and the Benghazi debacle. It is easy to write off a scandal after time and interest has passed. Our news cycles have long ago crowded out the news about Benghazi as new events arise.
What is disturbing is that there is still friction for traction with the story or  the preponents of this angle would have moved on to apply their angst to another more fruitfull situations. Situations that could more readily offer some other scandalous bit of grist for the GOP to commiserate over.
No problem here, keep moving on…but the white house sends one of it’s top dogs on a marathon Sunday talk show run. Rice lied for them. Do you think she knew they were lies? I felt Obama’s defense, “you won’t get her unless you go through me” was a bit strident. For a moment the Hammer toyed with the thought that there was some “me and missus Jones” going down. That’s the kind of possessive challenge that one hears coming from a man about his woman. If you asked a person to lie for you  it would follow that you would send the message that you have their back. If you just threw them under the bus, you would be compelled to make nice because you again have put your career in her hands, (and she might be pissed enough to turn} and it behooves you to be supportive.
Moreover, once a person has found something they were searching for, they quit looking. It would be foolish to continue to search once you have found your answer. But alas, that is not the condition of Benghazi.
Benghazi just has too many shadowy areas, so many obfuscations and disseminations, not to mention a huge clownish red herring.
And why hasn’t anyone mentioned the lynch mob mentality of the white house and the department of justice in jailing the maker of the video. Especially when It is established that he was a Red Herring and a Judas goat for the administration.

Dude where’s my Embassy?


Spinning happens. Finding a henchman who will act as apologist is easy. FInding a video that has spinning more entertaining than this is easy. But what is revealed in this interview is the pedantic nature of those who are trusted custodians of the pubic trust. Of course I am noting the use of the word “dude” as the salient feature of the interview. Mr. VIeter is revealing that he was educated in the pubic school system that graduates many students who are left incapable of reading their diploma.
Thirty years ago I submitted an essay concerning the deterioration of the Engish language and the insipient encroachment of techno-jargon into the language. I have been keenly aware of the growing lack of respect for the language in our popular culture.
It is becoming rather disturbingly obvious that he, and many others of this generation are educated in a no-fail system. His sullen hypercynicism and sardonic replies evidence a second- rate intellect who is more accustomed to preaching to the quire than responding to criticism.
Sadly, Mr. Vieter is an example of the intellectual caliber of those we have entrusted with our nation . They have been pampered by the Media, and they aren’t used to being asked hard questions. Then maybe they sent a sycophant to do the job of a spin doctor?