I took a couple of tries to get through my undergraduate degree. First try….mid ’70s…. had to pause for a while to abuse sex, drugs and rock and roll. Then I woke up in a farmhouse in the middle of the night somewhere in southwestern Ks. Had no idea where I was and had never been to the address I came-to in. Fully clothed and in a  dry bath tub….. Snuk out into the night and went back to school in the mid ’80s.

My first attempt at higher education included a humiliating routing from a government course taught by an Iranian expat. Set on regaining my honor, I made certain to get him as a professor for try number two.  He sported a handlebar mustache and an attitude of utter disgust at American students so  ignorant of their own government workings.

I remember the flop sweat trickling down my temple when he picked me during one of his verbal quizzes. His “quizzes” were a sadistic affair during which he would ask questions about the Constitution and then, before a classroom full of students, humiliate the poor dumb American students according to their level of ignorance. We deserved it. Every American should have to memorize the constitution at least once in their life.

I fulfilled the requirements for the course. I memorized the Constitution and in particular, I memorized the bill of rights. I passed. Barely. KLIKDAPIK and take the test….BITCH!

Can you pass a U.S. Constitution test? (Shutterstock)

Surgery With a Sharpened Spoon

A Michigan court is evidently entertaining the thought that genital mutilation is a medical practice. Or at least that is the idea defense lawyers are trying to float. It will be interesting to see which way this goes. This sweet young lady is the victim of this barbaric Muslim practice aimed at depriving the victim any sexual satisfaction. It involves the ablution of the clitoris, among other things shredded in the genital area. I have never heard of two legal systems working in tandem like this. There appears to be no reference to Sharia (the Islamic legal code) in the U.S. constitution. I hope there is no accomoation of the defense in this legal exchange. Great Britain already has several Sharia courts working and I would hate to see it happen here.