Yeah Baby!

I  never used the excuse “My dog ate it” when I forgot or just refused to do my homework. This tactic was not lost on the founders of Islam,… but it was more like, Part of the Holy Quran is lost, ‘because my goat ate it.” According to Mohammed’s favorite wife Aisha, who stated she had the pages under her pillow. Apparently the confusion of Big Mo’s death covered for the sneaky quadruped as it entered her bed chamber and ate the pages. Pages dedicated to women suckling grown men as a way of preventing sexual impropriety.


Big Mo is presented as the perfect example of manhood and is touted as a role model for his followers to follow.

The kicker is that after torturing a man for money and then beheading him, Big MO took the mans wife as a rape slave. HE TOOK THE TORTURED AND BEHEADED MANS WIFE AS A RAPE SLAVE!


The Lions Gate and Squatters Rights?



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Jews have inhabited the Holy city for 3000 years. That is a thousand years before the appearance of Jesus on the scene, 2000 years ago, and then, six and a half centuries later,  Mohammed appeared. Ancient Qur’an manuscript discovered to have been written over erased Bible manuscript  Mo. claiming the other monotheistic religions had it wrong, started his career of being the “Prophet Who Killed”, (a lot ).  It is important, when comparing Christianity to Islam, to keep in mind that where Mo used the sword to either convert or kill, accepted tribute of the booty his gang culled in murderous raids across the Arab peninsula and personally put victims to death. Jesus, who had no gang, never raised either a sword or his hand, won the world with his ideas.Temple Mount: How can Islam claim Jerusalem as its third holiest city? A MOSK STANDS ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT, WHERE THE JEWISH TEMPLE HAS RESIDED A THOUSAND YEARS BEFORE THE COMMON ERA.


Mohammed the Bringer of Peace


Yes; the old testament of the Christian Bible is full of massacres and murders. Yes; 1400 years ago Christians tried to regain possession of Jerusalem through the crusades. Yes; there were massacres involved and much violence initiated by the Christian hordes. With this in mind, one can point to a comparison of the progenitors of the religions. Christ, (of the New testament) never raided caravans, never murdered anyone and never kept captive women as sex slaves or sold anyone into slavery. Christ’s message was to “love thine enemies as thyself”. As the spiritual center of the Christian religion,

Christ left a man of peace as the model for those who followed him.  Mohammed, on the other hand,  left a murdering, raping, thief and warrior as an example to follow. Read the article linked above to flesh out the picture of Mohammed the prophet of Islam.