Two little Indians

Remember the 60’s and early 70’s? When liberals wore moccasins up to the knee and torn blue jeans? I do. Because that is a brief description  of me during those days of wine and roses. Now it seems that in order to hold the position of grand pooh bah of the grandest autonomous collective on the block, you must bring home a paycheck with lots  of zeros. I did a little background reading on Warrens legal career. She picked her cases wisely, focusing on defending mega-corporations with real deep pockets.

In spite of years behind the wheel of her own political career, Nancy Pelosi swings to the left as she gets the bums rush by a group of wilding plebes set on destroying a free market economy by replacing  it with a pyramid scheme called Democratic Socialism. This system is built with the wizard behind the curtains, demagoging disasters and rumors of disasters,  as the many, enrich the few, who “know better than we do”.

]Pelosi is having problems dampening the fires of ferver of her crew of Plebes who want to lynch the POTUS

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