….No sir, I don’t Mean Maybe.

No, this isn’t a pik of Ringo Star in drag as a Pizza Hut tablecloth. It is the late great Yassar “that’s my baby” Arafat. Until his death in 2004, he was founder of the feast and principal negotiator for the Palestinian Liberation Organization. He is the pricncipale reason people are still dying and fighting in Gaza and hot spots all around the little state of Israel. After refusing a hefty 92%+ victory in negotiating at the 2000 Camp David Summit, he walked away from the table and into another Intifada with the deaths and destruction that come with it. Of course,  he never was negotiating for peace. His goal was never an agreement with Israel. His constituents would never have accepted peace. Palestine and the right to return were just red herrings to distract attention away from his real goal. The Death of Israel and nothing less.

The link in the pik below directs to a little article concerning the Camp David meet. It is short, clear and good to know in case someone wants to debate the issue using the same old “Israel  as an evil occupier”  bullshit most Muslims are inculcated with since birth.

Memorize it. Know it . Love it. It may save your culture.

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