Republican Swings and Socialism Takes a Hit

Below is a campaign ad by Harrison Floyd. A Republican veteran who is launching his bid for congress with a vid that is short and devastating. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings to hear such unfettered honesty in challenging the socialist insurrection the most recent caravan of Dems. put forward as standard bearers for Marxism in America.

Two little Indians

Remember the 60’s and early 70’s? When liberals wore moccasins up to the knee and torn blue jeans? I do. Because that is a brief description  of me during those days of wine and roses. Now it seems that in order to hold the position of grand pooh bah of the grandest autonomous collective on the block, you must bring home a paycheck with lots  of zeros. I did a little background reading on Warrens legal career. She picked her cases wisely, focusing on defending mega-corporations with real deep pockets.

In spite of years behind the wheel of her own political career, Nancy Pelosi swings to the left as she gets the bums rush by a group of wilding plebes set on destroying a free market economy by replacing  it with a pyramid scheme called Democratic Socialism. This system is built with the wizard behind the curtains, demagoging disasters and rumors of disasters,  as the many, enrich the few, who “know better than we do”.

]Pelosi is having problems dampening the fires of ferver of her crew of Plebes who want to lynch the POTUS

Unicorn Wrangeling

In a meeting of the tweets, Ben Shapiro addresses the recent vote on supporting Ocasio Cortezs’  “Green New Deal”  that resulted in exactly zero votes from fellow Democrats. Of course the Republicans knew it would not pass. They just wanted the Democrats, who had pushed for recognition of the GND, to go on record as supporting the “pie in the sky” built upon outlawing bovine flatulence, a refitting of every building in the U.S. with solar panels, ditching air travel, as well as internal combustion vehicles of any pedigree.

The vote was a brilliant bit of politicking in that it eliminated the GND as a campaign promise. No one wants to be associated, on record, with this progressive daydream.

Ben Shapiro speaks onstage at Politicon 2018, left. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks onstage at the 2019 SXSW Conference and Festivals at Austin Convention Center, right.

Chicken Little Clucks

Congressgirl Ocasio Cortez just a couple months into her first gig reveals her true genius and brings the word of impending doom. As the sun swells to envelope the earth or maybe earth spirals out of the solar system and we freeze, or maybe the Immigration and Customs Enforcement will come get from the closet, or maybe……..Well just KLIKDAPIK and be educated by someone who is obviously more intelligent than the rest of us But be careful, if you stray from the path laid out by this benevolent and remarkable woman.  Chupacabra attacks are increasing of late.



Ilhan Omar




A Theoretical Gordian Knot

Isn’t she just the cutest little democratic-socialist we ever saw?  Is this a case of her fifteen minutes of fame? Is she confused? Am I confused? A little while ago Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was proclaiming she was a capitalist, that feminism was a relic of a fight long ago won and that terms such as empowerment are no longer germane to the fight she’s fit to fight?

Is the transformation from the “law of the jungle” Smithian Capitalism to the touchy-feely mantle of democratic-socialist just too far a stretch of credibility?  Is it a case of a young ideologue evolving? Is it a case of too many theories and too little real knowledge?  Is Ms. Cortez just an attention – craving opportunist who caught the scent of a trend and jumped on the socialist  bandwagon?


KLIKDAPIK for a few words on her bewildering multiple mindsets.