Killing Christians

Hamas is thrilled……more Christians killed! It seems the Christian killing has either taken a sharp upswing in recent months or the Main Stream Media has decided to start coverning sub-Saharan Africa and came up with something like news.

When queried about¬† this lack of news coverage they just replied, “Well killing Christians is not a front page item.” No one much cares about Christians!

Five children were killed in an attack on Christians in Syria. Attacks on Christians garner less heat from the Mainstream press, as Syria stands as the 11th most dangerous area for Christians in the world.

Atrocity of the Week



15 Christians taken for violation of Muslim blasphemy laws.

Why hasn’t this been given any time on evening news programs across the civilized world?¬† Why aren’t the Christians rioting and killing each other? (Well it’s because they are not Muslims). Which appears to be a protected group. With the mainstream media posturing as the head rescuer of this pitiful and misunderstood people. Sarcasm aside, I believe that if the tables were turned there would be a deafening whine arising from both Muslims and MSNBC.