Silly Putty Law is Any Shape You Want

 A migrant Man raped a French  girl. Got off because of his different cultural norms. Should there be two versions of each law that France has? One for those who have a brain in their skull and one for those who were bred to commit acts that are criminal in every civilized country in the world? If the mission of the law is to be twisted to fit the criminal, the law does not exist. When a migrant crosses the border into another country it is incumbent on the Migrant, not the host sovereignty, to adjust to the law of the land. If I want to lie on the beach I do not move to Nebraska. If I want to kill my daughter over an infraction of family honor I will move to Yemen, or Afghanistan, Indonesia, etc. etc. (Islam is a portable feast).

What about the other citizens who are now expected to live in a society that releases rapists into the population. Where are the stalwarts who stand fast on the ramparts while we sleep. Can we ever sleep again, ……………………..with one eye open?

And now from our soul mate, England……..

See the source image

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