Maybe it was the time of day, (early morning) or maybe it was hang-dog look of the Monday morn’n blues in her eye I found myself wrapped around the eldest in an all-out bone-crusher hug the minute I laid eyes on her this morning. For some reason she seemed  precious beyond measure.  It was fortunate all five of my girls were not there….I could have been crushed to death.

I am poor as a church mouse and live hand to mouth, but right now I consider myself a man of endless wealth.

I have children who love me and show it. I have a wife who loves me as well.

But  I can’t number the well-heeled clientele I have counseled, who lived on the brink of suicide, people who live in perpetual loneliness and elderly who have not laid eyes on their children in years.

On a deeper level of hell there are those of the third world who have their doors kicked in…..and murder, torture, rape and humiliation are inflicted upon them to the limits of demonic imagination and prescription of Sharia, (Islamic legal codes).   


Screw You Very Much

Leonidas seemed quite Greek. Of course the name was a dead give-away. He seemed a little impatient at Deb (wife) and I as we commented on his namesake King Leonidas, who, with the help of a few friends, stopped the eastern movement of a large group of Persians. Persian emperor Xerxes, with a blood feud and an Army of several hundred thousand invaded the Greek mainland for a little payback.

The Spartans, with the assistance of 1200 other local Greeks, answered the call and stopped the massive war machine of Xerxes for about three days.

Needless to say, the desk man at the hostel we were checking into, was a bit jaded.  “Yeah my parents named me after King Leonidas” he responded with a gentle smile and our room key in his hand.

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Throughout Athens it seemed important to native Greeks that we, (the tourists), were thoroughly certain who was Greek and who was a migrant on the dole. The only reaction we heard about the large movement of migrants, many of Persian lineage, was a couple of muted statements about the strain  on the Greek economy.

Xerxes won the battle of Thermopile, but lost the war when he did a little beam-scale figuring and decided he couldn’t afford to wage a war with the pugnacious Greeks. Xerxes went home, defeated by the massive size of his army, which had to be fed, clothed, equipped and paid via repeated shipments across the Mediterranean.

King Leonidas died at the battle of Thermopolis. He knew as he left Sparta what the outcome would be. But the ferocity of Spartan warriors and the vast amount of damage such a small group could inflict, sent a message to those who would see Greece defeated. Leonidas has been long thought of as the savior of western culture in his desperate stand at Thermopolis. He was at least the first harbinger of things to come. There would be many battles. 

In a spiritual sense  there still is an insurgence. The sword, however, is not the weapon that will bring down the west. It is compassion that will bring ruin to the west we understand. The financial weight of mass migration and cultural conflict is slowly crushing economies of the host countries of Europe.  Migrants, in particular, migrants from Muslim cultures, have been refusing to integrate into the host countries. The installation of Sharia, the legal code for Muslims is being foisted upon the host countries with not a little bit of vitriol and occasional violence.

The weird aspect of it all is the contempt the needy migrant has for the culture of his/her salvation. We may bring them into our world of relative peace and prosperity….but we can’t make them like it…or make them grateful……………….

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The handsome couple pictured below is my nurse/historian partner of nigh on to 30 years, (the small one). The pretty one, (me) sits on the right. The little bird cage behind us inspired and warmed our hearts to the beauty of Athens, (Greece’s), gifts to humanity. The days of Kings and Nabobs of every description disposing the fate of those in their charge  were numbered by Athenian Democracy. The inherent value of the individual was first recognized and promoted through Athenian Democracy. In essence, one man, one vote gave each citizen some influence in guiding their own destiny,….. for the first time in history.

Our connection to those who left  the Parthenon to posterity was gilded by gratitude. We both realized they were family, caught in the same struggles for life and happiness, dignity and meaning in life. Through the travail of the ages, the blooming of human creation and miserable waste of war, the western world cobbled together something wonderful ’bout 35 centuries hence……..it was a miracle that sprung from a world of Kings and Queens either warring or screwing each other for power and national aggrandizement…..the miracle is  AMERICA.

Pope Francis is pushing a "false" interpretation of the Bible, according to a top Vatican cardinal who has warned "Islam will invade the world" if Francis' leftist ideology isn't challenged and stopped before it leads to the downfall of Europe.


Europe, to this day, has done much to nail her stupidity and taste for gore on the halls of history. And in turn, each sovereignty of Europe has a rich and unique character, born of time and lives lived within each nations borders. The linked article is Father Sarah’s  call to the nations to follow President Trumps lead as he jealously serves his country  above all others.


Its Just Another Caravan

Niddle America is on the move again with apppx. 2500 migrants marching toward the American border. POTUS is responding with condemnations toward countries of origin and mexico who is nt helping stem the tide. The evil that has these people on the road and their Coyotes with money in their pockets. issues from the American Congress where the most childish display of random obstruction in American history.  Democrats who before supported barriers, refused fund further barriers at the border. The message of Americas apparent torpor at the border has started a land rush that rivals the Oklahoma land rush.

As Another Migrant Caravan Approaches, Trump Revives Threat To Close Southern Border

Trumps emergency is turning into  the Democrats 800 Lb.  gorilla in the middle of the room. Of course they wantthe gorilla to stay it is going t be their new base. They have endless goodies to give and programs to offer.

Migrant Remorse


“Be careful what you pray for.”  Merkals “open border” policy has bit her on the ass.Just a little blurb about Merkals call to the EU to help “strengthen up borders to curtail illegal immigration









It appears that Europe has wakened to it’s false hopes of a fairytale end to it’s embrace of migrants from the middle east war zone entering the more affluent European countries. A force of ten thousand is suggested as a stop-gap border patrol.



Strange shift at EU: Crackdown on illegal immigration, plans for 10,000-strong armed border fenceKLIKIT

Hungary, insists it will not be a country of migrants in no uncertain terms. It is also assuming a stance of independence from the influence of the EU. Sanctions are being considered by the EU to coerce Hungary into knuckeling under to their migrant policies.

KLIKITHungary’s Orban to EU: “You condemn us because we are not a nation of migrants”

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Trump is threatening to shut down the government if he doesn’t get some movement from congress on funding the wall to be built on our southern border. This measure is meant to slow the incursion of illegal entries into the U.S. from the south. The Dems see an endless constituency in the masses of needy and criminal migrants and are presently barking to open the border permanently. Borders and walls…… such unfriendly things. They don’t fit into the CandyLand  world that lies just around the corner.

Stand at the edge of the water and look east. Notice the dirty orange glow above the horizon. It is Great Britain  burning. And watch as a flaming snake slithers across the water like Greek fire, incendiary and unstoppable. We can either take action in our own salvation, or cower in a corner and wait for a miracle. If we fight we may win and we may lose. If we wait, we wait for the inevitable.


The Progressive Agenda in Briton

Briton has been the custodian of all things western for about 1500 years. To see her  display  masochistic, self – scourging is always disturbing. It’s like seeing a loved one slapping themselves around after each error, regardless of how small or insignificant. Here is a little rage about the effects of having the Muslim influence grow in great Briton. 

A Christian in Sweden

I remember a time , when I was young and callow, that the plight of men and women of other nations was their business. Such suppression of large swaths of there own population was the business of those who dressed like “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.” At least it wasn’t in my back yard! And I really didn’t care.