They Know You’re a condescending Dork!

A fun fact about condescension.  When white “libbies.” consent to speak with blacks, they dumb-down their speech. The glitch  is……They know it!  And it makes them angry and distrustful of the cracker who is rubbing their butt.  On the other hand the real people would consider it an insult to speak to a grownup like they are a child. To “dumb down” to speak to anybody is a direct assault…… “You’re just a mush mouthed, uneducated black, so I will talk low, slow and use small words, so you can understand me.

At this point the Libbie will pat him/her on the head and smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your ignorant incompetent ass. You obviously can’t make it on your own, so I will take care of you”