Forget Facebook….Talk to Your Mom

It is not hard to imagine a depressed woman, huddled over a key board in a room only illuminated by the cold light of the computer spilling her heart to anybody who will pretend to listen. But the moment of synergy, that moment when you look deeply into the eyes and see you have connected and have started a bridge of understanding, is a plunge into the psyche of the other person. and an area, possibly, of shared experience  for even more understanding of our commonalities as human beings.. It is too bad that this is as far as the media allows you to take it. But proximity is meaningful in human interaction. The closeness to another human being cannot be animated by a computer interaction. There is, in the deeper, more intimate level, no one there. No one there behind them as they share, no one in her bed no one in her life who she has the courage to tell about her depressed moods.


Image result for crying computerA machine counselor, or confessor if you prefer, cannot give the skin to skin, heart to heart comfort that a nice face to face meeting with your mom or dad would offer.. I am watching and formulating a line of thought that would see down the road a bit. As yet my most passionate thought is the consequences when people stopped looking at each other. Or the world for that matter.

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