The Stupid ARE Inheriting the Earth!!!!!

SO the Freshman sits fidgeting in his chair as the man in the cardigan and Do Martin sandals and red socks took his seat behind his desk. His first answer was as it alwys was. “Wellll James,” he droned, do you have your mind right?”

“What do you mean sir?” The student said nervously. “What do you mean?”

“Or is there anything left in there,” He said as tapped his temple.

“OH,!” The boy chimed in. “You won’t find me in a MAGA hat !”

“Good, Your in. Correct answer!”The counselor leaned back, claslping his hands on the back of his head. Right answer. Go down to the financial aid  office, give them this note and Bob will take care of

The little vinette above is played out in different; more subtle ways these days. But such scrutiny is barely needed. By the time a young person gets to college he/she has been thoroughly uneducated but thoroughly indoctrinated. to the values of the progressive left. The fine teachers, (unionized) that neglected to teach their students trivial things like reading, arithmetic, and history. But they have not neglected to impress upon them the importance of accepting multiple gender, cross dressing Satan worshipers. Like our representative, Nancy Pelosi said, “MS-13 are people too!”  For cave dwellers out there, MS-13 is a gang of vicious killers.

Who was it that said, “Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it”


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