Candace Owens on Race

She is quick on the draw and can shoot the eye of a sketer at 50 paces. Candice Owens. AHHH Candice,  pardon me while I swoon just a little bit. Not only is this woman fearless in  the face of progressive attack, she is always on the mark.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens' testimony regarding the threat of white supremacy to the black community is nothing short of glorious.

Her response in  this short video is to another bunch of Caucasians claiming to stand for the community of color in the U.S. about problems that are hard to get a grip on. I am an old sociopath and am not used to being the recipient of Gas lighting as much the perpetrator of such a cruel tactic. But that is the  only answer that I can be comfortable with as I search for the fire when I can’t even see any smoke!

Sometimes I wonder if I have been in  a coma and have suddenly awakened to find 40 years of civil discourse between white and black  people of good faith and willing hearts have vanished. The question of the day is………..Where did all this civil strife come from?

Fabricated……the crisis in black and white relations has been deliberately ginned up to serve the political needs of the Left. This is what Candace reveals. The left cannot function, nay, the left cannot exist, without an enemy to attack.

Freeman Speaks

There have been some glitches of late and some vids are having problems. Please leave a comment if this is the case. This old interview with Morgan Freeman addresses his perspective on race in America today.  It is refreshing as  it is true. In the world of high octane “I be going crazy up in hea!” race baiters it is truly a breath of fresh air to hear a black man of some status speak the truth to popular pap.

They Know You’re a condescending Dork!

A fun fact about condescension.  When white “libbies.” consent to speak with blacks, they dumb-down their speech. The glitch  is……They know it!  And it makes them angry and distrustful of the cracker who is rubbing their butt.  On the other hand the real people would consider it an insult to speak to a grownup like they are a child. To “dumb down” to speak to anybody is a direct assault…… “You’re just a mush mouthed, uneducated black, so I will talk low, slow and use small words, so you can understand me.

At this point the Libbie will pat him/her on the head and smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your ignorant incompetent ass. You obviously can’t make it on your own, so I will take care of you”

Just Me and Loving It !


Denial of self seems to be the great American blight these days. Betrayal of self, culture, tribe and values seems the purview recent generations of the young and perpetually restless.. Where men passionately hold to certain codes of conduct, tribe or culture, women hold passionately to passion, ( all other loyalties are disposable when love is in the air).

Of course this is probably another case of an individual discovering  the perks of being a minority. An opportunist with deeper problems than your average confidence operator.

But profound than the obvious greasing of the wheels of any particular career, is the disturbing tendency of the young  to adopt  manners and values of obviously inferior or distressed cultures. And even more disturbing than that is the en-mass abandonment of the Judeo-Christian culture that literally set the standard in every advancement of  civilization

As any crystal is merely a macro-version of the structure of the  original molecule,.national character is but a reflection of commonly held beliefs.  If a value has enough supporters then it becomes a functional part of the culture. If an idea or belief finds few supporters then the society rejects the beliefs and commensuratly, the believers.   In ancient Rome, compassion was seen as a defect of character, today compassion for others is often touted as the signet of civilization.

A single belief, if shared by the majority of a population, can reform  an entire  culture.

. Rome was built on war and the virtues of war. America however, sprang from the desire of the common man to govern himself..  The essence of man has not changed that much since the first cultivation of wheat in the fertile crescent. It is just the dynamic  nature social consensus that spawns  tyranny,  democracy or something in between. Consensus IS the cultures brick and mortar.

More and more Americans define themselves in the same fashion as any child reared with no principles past those of  popular opinion. Rational thought, “Thinking for yourself” is  vanishing . Self loathing is at the common core of popular American culture.  And as the individuals go, so goes the society as a whole. The question is, however, when does a society reach the tipping point. When will we have wandered too far to find our way back?


Symptom Salad in the Ferguson Lynching


Somehow the Libs got hold of a couple of Media conglomerates. “Popcult Lynching” is emerging as an effective tool of progressive activism. MSM, you should be ashamed!


Darren Wilson supporters? Kan it be?….



Race Baiters come from…………..PODS!

Zeitgeist  Hieronymus Bosch….