Denial of Denial

In the years spent and misspent in higher learning, I came across the phenomena of history being rewritten…….. as I looked on in horror. It appears that in riding a crest of scholastic rebellion against previous paradigms, every author of history wants to get a name by being the scholar who ferreted out the “dirt” on many persons places and events of the American past. The sad truth is that the scholarship in the United States is so weakened by it’s ignorant  instructors, that facts, ungainly and old hat for eons, are being “rediscovered” and revealed to  equally undereducated students. ( Whisper aside) (“PSSSST we all knew about Sally Hemmings.” Ya poor benighted dolts! We screwed the Native Americans!”)  The not so revealing revelations could go on ad-naseum, while the Keystone-Culture-Cops whip out their neo-puritan dictionaries and learn us a good lesson on politically correct dialogue! The most disturbing thing is that all this pseudo-wisdom comes in large dollops of hubris.  In all cases it is the utter an utter lack of understanding human nature that defines the distortion in liberal thinking.  In all cases there are some facts that must be ignored in order to satisfy the need to reshape reality to fit progressive political beliefs. Some icon must fall. Some incident must be changed. History as it stands must die to justify invalidating a past  that contradicts present pet social theory.

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Every morning my 1st grade teacher,  “Mrs. Geise” an ancient old lady, would read  from the Bible. No one objected to the reading or the pledge of allegiance that followed. It was just something we would say at the beginning of each school day.

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Other than the Bible reading and Pledge of Allegiance, we focused on the three “R’s”  (reading, ritin’ and rithmatic). It seemed we were being taught the things we would need to know in order to make it through life successfully. We were not being taught to be good little socialists, Zoroastrians, or Baptists. We were being taught the skills necessary to keep our free-market economy functioning. 

The Stupid ARE Inheriting the Earth!!!!!

SO the Freshman sits fidgeting in his chair as the man in the cardigan and Do Martin sandals and red socks took his seat behind his desk. His first answer was as it alwys was. “Wellll James,” he droned, do you have your mind right?”

“What do you mean sir?” The student said nervously. “What do you mean?”

“Or is there anything left in there,” He said as tapped his temple.

“OH,!” The boy chimed in. “You won’t find me in a MAGA hat !”

“Good, Your in. Correct answer!”The counselor leaned back, claslping his hands on the back of his head. Right answer. Go down to the financial aid  office, give them this note and Bob will take care of

The little vinette above is played out in different; more subtle ways these days. But such scrutiny is barely needed. By the time a young person gets to college he/she has been thoroughly uneducated but thoroughly indoctrinated. to the values of the progressive left. The fine teachers, (unionized) that neglected to teach their students trivial things like reading, arithmetic, and history. But they have not neglected to impress upon them the importance of accepting multiple gender, cross dressing Satan worshipers. Like our representative, Nancy Pelosi said, “MS-13 are people too!”  For cave dwellers out there, MS-13 is a gang of vicious killers.

Who was it that said, “Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it”


The Day the Scientific Method Rode a Unicorn

The conquistadores invaded Mayan country and after wantonly killing as many of the  natives, they deliberately handed out Smallpox laden blankets to finish off the south American population through disease.. The  dirty Europeans (Mayan were squeaky clean) were the obvious villains in this story. OF course they spread these germ laden blankets a few hundred years before the discovery of germ theory. In one text brought home by my daughter all the above info was presented as ‘education’ for the children. The fact that the sacrifice of thousands of innocents by having their heart, still beating. cut and torn from their breast, was not even hinted at in the text.   Bad, dirty, violent Europeans, nice clean peaceful Mayans, Is the lasting impression of the lesson. Even though  estimations of the Mayan body count ranged up to over 200 thousand human sacrifices a year.

Into the Arms of Stupidity

The books are open but where is the reader? Klikdapik to learn what you probably already know. In our great land stupidity indicators are on the rise. I don’t know who said it but an educated public is the greatest guarantor of a free society and it seems that stupidity is “cool” in America these days.

Higher Learning?

I was possibly the worst student that my small hometown ever attempted to teach. Skipping school was my favorite subject. But my mother, in particular loved learning and she promoted it whenever she could. I remember having everything from star charts to models of the Lunar Excursion Module, before the first moon landing.

Margaret MIxon longed to be a writer. But in rural Oklahoma in the 1920’s, such dreams were not nurtured in little girls. Housewife would have to do.. So while she was spoiling me rotten in other ways she also cultivated an obsession with learning in me. The books models charts, microscopes and telescopes she bought taught a priceless lesson. The more you learn, the larger your world would become. History would become, flesh, sinew and bone  and the  midnight stars would boggle my mind..

My questions concerning the college age people queried in this video are 1)What have these people been paying attention to in the last couple of decades? 2) Do they know how embarrassingly ignorant they are? 3) Do they know anything about group think?

It’s True “Cause I said so!”


Read a test that my daughter had a while back. In it was the news that the Spanish deliberately spread small pox among through the Mayan population through infected blankets… a few hundred years before the development of the germ theory. To be sure the European disease did spread through the native population and undoubtedly it was brought over by the Spanish; but there was no deliberation, they didn’t know about germs. The info according to the progressive script, served to condemn Europeans while sanitizing the bloody history of the Mayans.  No mention was made of the countless thousands of human sacrifices the Mayans had committed throughout their history. Her teachers couldn’t even write cursive. Their discourse through the years of contact I have had through conferances and such reveal our educators to be communicating at a fifth grade level.  Everywhere I  find the population of America becoming borderline illiterates.  The simplest of queries leave them at a loss.

History is a black hole to most millennials, stupidity has come into vogue, and like  perpetually pouty brats, Americas youth are quick to take the politically safe stance of hating America. It is hard to keep hope for the future of a country where the common consensus is hating America. News is triaged and doled out in sound bites that have been approved as relevant by news outlets. The  news that is presented has been cherry picked by the main stream media  to support the progressive agenda.

Stoning, amputations, genital mutilation, and the relegation of an entire gender to a status slightly lower than cattle flies in the face of the group hug diplomacy offered by our progressive potentate, Barack “Chamberlain” Obama while pundits commisurate about the “dog whistles” they imagine.    The denial runs deep in present day America.Chicago police investigate the scene of a fatal shooting July 2 in the 4100 block of West Adams Street on the city's West Side. Two people were killed and two seriously wounded. While blacks make up about 33 percent of the city’s population, they accounted for nearly 78 percent of the homicide victims through the first six months of 2012. Police killings of black suspects is a fraction of the murders reported in the large cities of America. Shootings like Ferguson (overt lying on the part of partisan witnesses), were inflated by a biased press and the flames were fanned by the POTUS, who responded to the crowds who were looting and burning Ferguson down by telling them to “Stay the Course”. Yeah, you read it right, he was encouraging the mob destroying the town. The untrue accounts of the incident have been objectively overturned by other credible witnesses who confirm the officer was indeed fighting for his life. But still Ferguson is being sighted as a bad shooting. A large portion of the public still believes the false reporting based on their wish that such reports are true.

As a child I was able to convince my best friend, Doug that there were Dinosaurs in a little canyon we used to play in. I found some tracks and claimed they were the clawed footprints of a T-Rex. I knew better; I knew that it had been millions of years since the big beasts had roamed the earth; but before I was finished I was believing it myself. I relied upon Dougs ignorance and his willingness to believe his best friend.

The dumber the U.S. gets, the more simple it is to use their willingness to see the world in a way that pleases their bias. This is frightening. Such a mob of benighted fools is easy to manipulate and just that has been happening for the last eight years. And I fear that it is happening with this election. I fear that the same press that colludes in the dispensation of false stories and carries water for any progressive in office are going to elect this Clinton wanna-be in spite of Carnage wreaked upon both the domestic peace and foreign reputation  by Obama



Read “The Prophet” when I was fourteen, Herman Hess’s novels at around the same time. I memorized “Tales of mystery and Imagination.” and once hitchhiked 125 miles to find a copy of the “Necronomicon”  Ony to find the book a fiction that existed only in name and as a plot element of Lovecratian necromancy.  My personal  history can be mile-marked by the books I have consumed. Read Quadacanal Diary in a three day engagement in the county  hoosegow, Amarillo Texas.  (It was raining and the ‘jail’ was brand new.) woke up covered in mud as my pockets were being rifled for content asnd another officer bagged and tagged my meager pile of possessions.

The complete works of Shakespeare was my traveling companion through my twenties. Steinbeck and Hemingway, the mythos of Blake and Lovecraft. The list fades to eternity. I was deliberately groomed by a mother and her truncate dream of being an author. I went another way though, but I owe her a lot.

I have experienced the journey of western civilization and am better for it.  My obsession is history and the human experience. And my world gets bigger and more meaningful the more I learn.

Hence my intolerance with the “stupid is cool” cop-out I have been hearing ripple through populations of  polyethnic punks whose saliant commonality is an aversion to, or inability to read. I mean really read,  not the fragmented funk found as yon tweaker swills fodder from every pleasure center in their ganglia while stumbling around clicking the hours away pic to pic (even monosyllabic barks). Sorry, nope, not gonna get ’em back! Took me about 55 years to learn how I wasted more time than I had.

But that is a story for another time. This is the story of a search for an answer to a nagging question that begins where it ends……All this wisdom, Libraries and hieroglyphics, cuneiform,  Rosetta stones and the alphabets. Millennia upon millennia of knowledge accumulating in the vast neocortex we have created (The Internet ya dope)!   And we are killing each other off in the land of enchantment. (No, this is not a New Mexico license plate).  We are riding a tsunami wave of technology at 500 miles an hour and never before has it been like this. Science is advancing at a rate that is freaking many a naked ape out real bad.


In my quarter century as a psychotherapist I was given a perspective of a long road back to a time when most of my clients were as old or older than I. Most of my last clients, virtual neo-nates upon my retirement, (about five years ago), have revealed a society evolving into an illiterate mob of welfare dependents.

We have , per capita, more professional clinicians, clinics and counseling centers, food banks, (and just flat wads of cash tossed like hard candy from a parade float) than any previous western society.


Nothing is better than it was. Things are, on every level, worse than before.  Why?

A hard place to be…lets continue this next posting.




Dumb, dumber…then there is “American” Duh


Of late I have been thinking about how things were and how things have changed in the passing of a half century. It is a gift of having lived for sixty years. More has changed in this lifetime than I ever expected. In considering history I have always thought in terms of distant times and a slow slog one age to the next. But things have changed in my lifetime. A lot. More than I am comfortable with. And the one thing that I never even considered has happened; The character of the American citizen has changed faster and more profoundly than I ever anticipated.  I think we may lose the United States of America.

Something from out there; something from the shadows beyond the pale, smashes through to intrude upon our world. The world wars(ya know 1st and 2nd) were such a  threat. Communism posed an existential threat for 50 years.

We understand the threat from beyond. We know what to do. Strike out, away from the center, establish a perimeter and  protect the center at all costs. Someone somewhere said : “Nothing bonds people like a common enemy.”  Usually a good war reconciles America. In a flash we bond to an external threat. But, (and it,s a big butt! I never imagined, never looked, never saw the damning truth  as the confused cloud of cultural toxin formed on the horizon! Like  the red wall of an Oklahoma Duster it has rolled over the landscape, consumed all in its path and permeates every crevice.  And I don’t know if there is hope for the continued survival of America. The enemy is the popular culture.  The hull is rotten and it seems a step in any direction will sink us.

The ‘center’ of the American character, when brought into concert with others of like mind creates an indomitable spirit. The ingrediants always include: self reliance,  a sound work  ethic, (as well as a sound respect for recreation), fearless honesty,  generosity of spirit. As well as loyalty, and compassion (tempered with practicality)…for starters.  A more thorough meta-analysis of the American character will have to wait for another article. Suffice it to say the American character is vital, and can be held as the progenitor of the greatest civilization of all time…..USofA!  Nuff said fer now!

I see its putrid advance as it metastasizes. The growth of the “recreational culture” that blights the current American landscape is defined by: Self imposed ignorance  (aggravated stupidity). And of course the Hydrogen Bomb of progressive mind-set, (tension mounting)  the VICTIM EXCUSE!!!,   overwhelming self obsession, others-blaming , , ifinite etc.. A spiritual laziness has overwhelmed our people. Anything difficult or restrictive of selfish urges is labeled (uncool), and rejected. Learning is one of the un-coolist things out there right now. Ignorance You know “Ah bin gon down to da stow fo’ sum shit.” Is cool. The equation goes, (ignorance =  street creds). Education is too white, (for white kids too)  too hard or   too geekish,, etc. The language, values of education and work, the strive for excellence, the duty to a thing greater than oneself,…  hence the blessings of westen civ. today, beliefs held in utmost contempt.


We rank 17th in reading, 23rd in science and 31st in math among other post-industrial countries. It bodes ill for a bare bodkin! We are fat lazy and stupid. God it’s good to be an American!


An educated citizenry is the greatest guarantee of freedom maintained.    We are, by our own volition, becoming a nation of imbeciles….. Example::    Waters is a humorous guy and the interviews seem rather frivolous on first glance, but they clearly demonstrate the generation of imbeciles who have taken possession of the culture at large.


If you’re the village idiot you will find fault with education and educated people.  If your a lazy village idiot and on government assistance, (as are well over 40%) of the American public you are gaining on one out of every American on the dole to one degree or the other. That means: If you’re slow others will race at a walk, if you are stupid others will lower the standards for you. And don’t worry about failure.  All judgements, of good and bad, succsess and failure are passe’ concepts. As a matter of fact failure, as a valid concept, will be eliminated from the culture. 

Kliakdapik next to see an article concerning what we are teaching or children in Leu of readin’, writin’, and rithmatic! It appears our schools are a matter of social engineering. To bad they don’t mind a society of illiterate dolts.






Kermit Texas, 9 year old boy suspended from school for threatening to make another child disappear! Oh! The humanity! That such a horror be visted upon Americas heartland!

Elijah Wood in "Lord of the Rings" (Everett Collection)




This video in particular, should be the most frightening thing on the page. Possibly one of the most frightening vids you have seen. The great guarantor to our freedom is disintegrating before us. Basic education, not higher education, is the have-to deal. Without basic reading writing, arithmetic and history, (I would throw in Civics) some snake oil salesman can come along and sell you something like OBAMACARE, socialism, wealth redistribution, globalism etc..