A little Bird Told Him


The vid below is Linda’s call to arms for Muslims in America. Her hubris spoke for her, as she stated that no matter the consequences, whether it is a recent massacre, genital mutilation, murder of Jews, gays and apostates, Muslims should live unapologetically proud.  All falls under her wish to have Sharia installed to supersede the law of the land that feeds her.

H.U.M.I.L.I.T.Y IS NOT IN HER DICTIONARY. Gratitude for the gift of a society in which she can be allowed to speak as a opposed to a society that would have her looking through a grill window on her burka and never allowed to leasve the home without a male excort, and then ther is the little operation where she gets her clitoris hacked off so she cant enjoy sex. Nummy- num that is a stew she would like to eat. Right?

Shalom! Linda


Linda Sarsour, a brand new congress woman is a self admitted anti-Semite. She is in Congress now and is a defender of Sharia law.

I include a short interview with the gentle spirited Ali Hirsi whom I have followed for several years. She is a victim of female genital mutilation and very vocal critic of Sharia Law.