Wisdom When it Counts





 Can you find any reason to pour acid on an infant? or rather , would you like to live in a world where this sort of behavior seemed commonplace? Pseudo gladiatorial games (football, hockey etd. ). are a present  rendition of these old forms of blood sport.  This is the modern cultural difference. A compromise. that might be a sign of cultural  maturity. No one has to die.

France: Acid placed in stroller severely burns rabbi’s baby, cops say anti-Semitism “possible” motive

An innocent soul ,devastated.

FACT is if there are so many who are the paragons of virtue and passivity you can raise an arny in any country on the globe in about a week.  When it comes to cutting a rubber tree in 120 heat, going to work is a sour option to .The tug of war between our demons and angels is touch and go. We are in a  constant tug of war between the better angels of our nature and the selfish demons of our primitive needs. The great question is, however; how can we know when it is the right time and circumstance to use our strength and courage? An old A.A. sampler,  “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Of the simple mandates in this piece, the toughest to follow is the last statement: “the wisdom to know the difference.” This task should keep a good man busy for the rest of his life. But ! Even if he finds no answers, it is the search that makes him righteous!

God bless the victims of the cowardly attack on the middle school in question.

But please take this away from this piece…….In declaring schools no gun zones it is the same as advertising to your roving sociopath that  this is his stop and the shopping is hot! A feminized union culls out those with masculine tendencies, The cultural atmosphere is that of a building full of females who are terrified of guns and no threat at all.





“Is the Legacy Burning?”


POTUS confronting the San Bernardino shooting.  At first we didn’t know what to think. Just another disgruntled nut-job  or  Jihadi assault.     Pres. opted for the whacko model and let the 2nd amendment have with both barrels. BUt as information painting a picture of a couple of  Jihadis began to obscure all other Motis Operendi  the caterwauling from the Oval Office became distinctly muted. ‘Bamas erstwhile beaming countenance has sunken into a preoccupied, slack-jawed stare.

Look at the vid below. The mood is not the recent rather combative persona evidenced by ad hominem  lunges at the GOP in virtually every news conference.  Now he sports the look of a man who just saw his legacy blown to bits. His name will forever be in an eternal death dance, coupled with these two murderers.



Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Yes, there has been an indisputable deference to all things Muslim in our presidents discourse, beginning with special mention during his inaugural address. An honor not afforded  to any other belief system including Christianity. When our own president makes special mention of  Christians it is always to condemn, never to praise.  Finally, a president who can rein in the wanton damage inflicted by Christians on the rest of the world. (Sarcasm).

One hopes the wishful thinking and spastic equivocating represented by MSM’s cherry picking examples of Christian terrorism, is not the new normal…..





Three days ago the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo, of Paris, was attacked by a team of three terrorists who killed 12  employees. (For some reason they are not calling this workplace violence.)  The attack was a major, emotionally convulsive moment. (We had a good experience in France and have grown quite fond of her. Little Deb wept.)  Yet there is nothing about the incident that is unique or worthy of special consideration. It was an effective attack, well coordinated and deadly. But apart from these characteristics this was just another terrorist attack.

 There is an unsetteled feel about the days that follow. Crowds bent on destruction gather too easily these days, there are to many no-go-zones from Norway to Spain and from Albania to Britain. Could there be a call to arms someday? The evolution of the “No-go-zones aound major urban centers throughout Europe have created pefect  incubator communities for rearing and training  next generation terrorists.  The Psudo-doctorine of multicultrealism provides an incubator for terrorists. It allows muslim immigrants to settle in a descrete location, set up their own laws courts and punishments. No new languages are learned, no western education is allowed, and absolutely no integration into the community at at large is allowed. With technology in its present incarnation, all an idiot has to do to create a riot is get on the phone and make a few calls to ginn up a flash mob running cover for  Jihadi’s lobbing mortoar shells at embassies. 

That cloistered feel of the “fortified hamlet” circa 1970 Viet Nam, swims about the above map. .Below: Robert Spencer addresses the No-Go zones in France as with other E.U. members.  The incremental increase in Muslim Violence in recent weeks/months may indicate a “Tet Offensive” style insurgency. Remember it doesn’t  take much to call a “flash mob”  to a bunch of indoctrinated, unemployed idiots. One urgent “call to arms” and who knows, it may be a tsunami of violence that will consume the west.



Just what the wind blew in…


The Real Truth Behind fortunate son….. I have severe reactions to Bruce Springsteen. And I wish he hadn’t covered the venerable CCR song but he did. Luckily the truth of the song is not corroded by the tiny dumb ass singin’ it.





OBAMA A LONELY MAN….   If I leave my house and I run into an asshole in my travels, it can be said I have met an asshole. If I leave my home and everybody I meet is an asshole, then, in all probabiity  I am an asshole. The narcissistic personality knows either coercion or promotion(manipulation). Comprimise is not in the lexicon of narcissistic skills. Therefore the narcissist always ends up alone….So lets hear one for the POTUS!   Yeah baby!!  Tis the BEE GEE’S….  


There is a place in the socialist psyche that is cloistered from messy considerations. Regrettably, the the old yarn,  “Ya gotta’ break some eggs to make an omelet” Is extrapolated to the bizarre by the comrads.  Lenin and Stalin killed over a hundred million people during their  socialist revolution. Pol Pot fried about two to five million est., in short order after the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. The list of unbelievable numbers and Commie despots is endless.

Socialists don’t fight to liberate anybody.  Socialists do not stand in harms way to protect home family and hearth. Bloodand and land are not at stake, and people, industries, institutions and traditions must be shifted about, augmented, reduced, mechanized and often eliminated like game pieces. And the bloodless progressive feels but a twinge at the carnage they create. (As long as their nest is well feathered). Every pinko worth his Little Red Book  knows the first thing you do is eliminate the previous society, lock stock and barrel. A few fortunes wasted, lives lost and family’s broken in the name of the revolution is an acceptable sacrifice. Of course those who are the architects of such falderal, are safely ensconced in the governmental throne, and come the revolution  they will be bug rug snug while the rest starve. Transitions are sooooo difficult.




   Then there is that moment when the  insular cadre of sycophants can no longer hold back the tide of ugly reality and the boss finds out his agenda is not lifes agenda. A rather tense moment before the 2 P.M. tee time.






The Philistine word, Baal, meaning Lord, is the root of the title Beelzebub,  meaning Lord of the flies. A few evolutions later, Beelzebub becomes  interchangeable with Satan.

The video above explains who ‘the flies’ are. I will include no remark now. The film is clear and has punch. I do not want to confound your experience with my ideas. Apostate that I am. I remain  intrigued by the Biblical parallels. If the  mission is to reveal the depth of evil, the film is more compelling than I could be.



We once lived at the edge of Alva Oklahoma. A wheat field literally ended at my front yard. And the town, not varying more than a few hundred in population since WWII boasted 5500 souls. We were rural.
I got to see my older brother chased by a turkey. I saw my father snap the neck of a chicken and in attempting to cut it’s head off with a bread knife I saw him cut his index finger to the bone. Doing objectionable things is part of life in the country, from gutting fish and fowl to wrapping a come-along cable around a calves feet to pull it from it’s mothers womb, life required we suck it up and get a steady gut.

As the American culture continues to be feminized, we become less and less able to look at the unpleasant realities of life. And like the brat child scaring his sister with a dead frog in his hands, these murdering bastards know we are soft. and easily repulsed. The terrorist gains power from his ability to go where no one else dare go. And the worst terrorist reads your character and designs his terror accordingly. As a culture we have become separated from the basic visceral realities of life. Our gag reflex has a hair trigger and we are truly vulnerable. Hammer says, Man up, when they hang a decapitated head in front of you, French Kiss the head and laugh in their face.