POTUS elects to carp at GOP for serving as a recruitment tool for ISIS?  He calls Paris a setback. I wonder what the reaction would have been if France stated that 911 was just a ‘setback’. 

Again his competence to lead is called into question.  People are dying and dead. The world is on fire. Chicken little is fried. The rabbit died?, (ages me doesn’t it), all forms of harbinger  are spent and the handwriting on the wall is the last word. “Washington is next.” So say ISIS.

President Obama,  springing to action in response to the terrorist attack on our long term ally, France,   CHEWED OUT REPUBLICANS! Are we Duh-oomed by our dear POTUS? (Duh-oomed is when you get socked by someone because of your leaders stupidity.) DUH-OOMED! I SAY!!



mclendonrichardHaving worked with a wide range of offender populations ranging from drug traffickers to multiple murderers, I stand slightly amused but still befuddled by the delicacy of the criminal persona once caught. They are unmoved by the havoc they cause and the damage to others they do. They are, however the biggest whiners around. Imagine lawsuits over crunchy peanut butter and prayer rugs for people who stay up late committing offences against innocent citizens as a way of life and a career choice.

And the Grand Pulbah’s of whiners are the Muslim criminals. They are so hypersensitive and rightfully paranoid about others opinion that they think the guys in the huddle at football games are talking about them. And they aren’t saying anything nice!.

do not waste a single tear in pity for this child


When this young mans values are weighed against the standards so often exposed by our “oh!” so evolved post modern culture, it becomes embarrassing real quick!  We are a nation of lemmings.

I have worked with a full range of intellectual functioning from genius to vegetative. I have never met the perfect person. But I have met many perfect spirits, struggling to free themselves from their troubles.

Many were physically, socially and geneticly superior beings.  Given the whole of possibility they see the world fall in breakers at their feet. Yet they are hollow men, empty of blood and marrow.

This boy shows the strength of character of one who is surrounded by people who guide their everyday lives by principles as honor, duty and loyalty. The child, in an of himself, has been given a spiritual amour that puts him in the pulpit above us. All we have to do is listen.

He is a flawless moral compass. And we would do well to just watch and learn living from a flawless heart.




One hundred years have passed since the brave martyrs at Broken Hill sacrificed  themselves to save the Ottoman Empire. This little article defines the particulars of the conflict between our two heroic Jihadies and , oh anybody who happened to be passing by. It could be transposed from headlines today with no change to the story except for the dates and names. Everything is identical from one incident to the next.  Nothing will heal their timeless hate.