The Iranian Mole in the White House

A boat overflowing with migrants, which survived a violent storm, arrives in the port of Tripoli March 29, 2009.  Libyan authorities have recovered the bodies of 100 migrants trying to reach Europe who drowned after their boat sank off Libya, officials said on Wednesday.  The ship was one of four migrant boats which had sailed from Libya between Saturday and Sunday, apparently heading to Italy, Libyan officials said.  Picture taken March 29, 2009.  REUTERS/Handout (LIBYA DISASTER SOCIETY IMAGE OF THE DAY TOP PICTURE) - RTXDH96

Christians Thrown Overboard from Refugee Ship

Obama’s  “Girl Friday”, his closest adviser and confidant, is an Iranian expatriate. Admittadly, her family relocated to Great Britain when she was 5 years old, but her political crib is festooned with left wing  connections. Mother, Barbara Bowman, author and progenitor to the Chicago based , Erickson Institute Tom Ayers was on the board of trustees and Father to BIll Ayers, Obamas favorite Weatherman bomb thrower. Mrs. Bowman sported many such left wing credentials. Her professional history is a guide to the Chicago school of socialist thought. Winners such as Bernadine Dorn and Louis Farrakhan spice up the list of aquaintances and influences in her life. 

She is, in fact, a political doppelganger  to Barack Obama, who sports a social registry that includes virtually every old Marxist who ever punched Chicago’s dance card.

Then there is reverend Wright. “How do you spell arrrgh!?”



Sometimes we get the hero we need….rather than the hero we want.. Who will save our saviour?  THe Christians had possession of the middle east  for 600 years when the “Jamal-come- lately”, Mohammed, came along. Definite dibs on shotgun for the Christians  on this particular pilgrimage.  And “Hell followeth after him.”   The hell that follows is a holy land populated with nothing but Muslims. A “Caliphate” so to speak.




Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Yes, there has been an indisputable deference to all things Muslim in our presidents discourse, beginning with special mention during his inaugural address. An honor not afforded  to any other belief system including Christianity. When our own president makes special mention of  Christians it is always to condemn, never to praise.  Finally, a president who can rein in the wanton damage inflicted by Christians on the rest of the world. (Sarcasm).

One hopes the wishful thinking and spastic equivocating represented by MSM’s cherry picking examples of Christian terrorism, is not the new normal…..


But Do You Believe in Devolution?

Speaking Words of Wisdom… “That all Ya Got Piss Ant?”


To the Headwaters of the River of Whine (Never-ending it seems).

Speak up! I’m holding my ear open as far as I can!

The Origin of the Democrat, who says that all evolution is a step up. Welcome to the Down Escalator!

Will the Real Eqyptions please stand up!



In 570 C.E. Bad to the Bone Big Mo was dropped. In a few decades he decided to be a prophet. After a few fits of suicidal depression, and one near miss when but he chicken’d out of throwing himself off a cliff. But instead he got a gang together and started his ministry of killing, raping, stealing, and not a small portion of lying. “Don’t forget the Pedophilia Hammer.” Said Lil’ Debbie. “Oh Yea.” said I. He Spotted his wife Aisha, age six. The 50 something old man took the girl and consumed the wedding when she had ripened to the age of 9 years.
So almopst 6 hundred years had passed since Christ had his ministry. The Copts, some of the first Christians anywhere had occupied Egypt for a period equal to 3 times the age of the United States!
He said the Jews and the Christians got it wrong.