Hey Guess What!…..We won!

I must declare guilt on my own art in not fully FEELING our victory over ISIS. Most of the reports were headed by the Iraqis as the primary protagonist in the story. Not much news concerning the U.S. advisers and special forces that were present, just the occasional news-belch about progress against the enemy and not much more.

KLIKDAPIK for a good little article about the win against evil


U.N.: More than 12,000 Iraqi civiliens killed in 2014 violenceTwo kinds of retreat in war. A withdrawl with appropriate rear guard cover, and the rout.  The redeployment  is a tactical adjustment of troops with organized resistance to cover against enemy fire. Usually units leap frog each other so that there would be a harassing fire to suppress the enemy advance.

  A rout is when panic grips the troops and they run.. No organized resistance,  just broad backs for targets as they flee for their lives. The end result of the “rout” is  usually annihilation of the fleeing force.

Soooo, Bama said if we gave him the job he would get out us of Iraq. He was strongly advised by his generals to leave the a transitional force or face consequences.  But POTUS knew better. He decided on the Rout route for his buy-in to an express elevator  to  Elysium.

No covering force was left to ensure a smooth transition to a peacetime state. Panic however, cannot be fingered for the cutting and running in this instance. We cut  because the POTUS had his ego on the line concerning his promise to get us out of Iraq and he was beginning to feel the heat But what the heck, he got us out didn’t he!

12000 Iraqi’s. have died in 2014. The greatest number of deaths since 2008.

He got us out, didn’t he?




ISIS has renamed itself ‘Islamic State’ and has declared a Caliphate of the Iraqi territory it has claimed to capture. Note, any territory claimed in Iraq will more than likely contain thousands of miles of nothing but desert. Now there will be some concentrations of dead families and such, these will be designated as cities.
But the grim truth of the matter is that they said they would and they did. They wanted a Caliphate, Usually the little terrorists state they want a world-wide Caliphate. I guess they are re-evaluating their process.
We as well as Iraq are standing at the crossroads of history. We are waiting to see what happens.
Let us roll that around our mouth for a while. We are waiting to see what happens. Action has been usurped by sideline hand wringing. We used to lead the world. Now, under the Obama doctrine, we wait and see.

America was a backwater and a lot liked it. We saved the world a couple of times and stepped onto the world stage when we faced down the Soviets for forty years. We fought the proxy wars and each side had its despots. Each side played its proxies like Rock’em Sock’em Robots. Now we have walked away from the game. We have, in effect, opened the door for the Iranians and Russians. And they are on their way already.

Takrit is the target for Iraqi army. I think they will take it. After that,…who knows?




In this Jan. 16, 2013, photo, Sahwa members, a group of Sunni Arabs who joined forces with the U.S. military to fight al-Qaida at the height of Iraq's insurgency, escort the coffin of Ifan Saadoun al-Issawi. (AP Photo/ Hadi Mizban, File)

It was foolish, and things considered, probably a sign of incompetence that our POTUS ditched the people of Iraq and left without leaving a security force. It is surprising that this handled like it was considering that the U.S. has  successfully ameliorated post war situations far more complex than this, Post war Germany for  and the occupation of Japan by MacArthur a good examples.
A little post traumatic hand holding has been recommended since Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, (the Jewish soldiers were not allowed back into the Jewish community until they waited about a week after Jericho fell. It was known three thousand years ago that post event decompression and reconciliation is a necessary part of war.

Of course Obama inherited the war, voted against the war while in Congress, and had more of a stake in Bushes war failing than he did in seeing its successful conclusion.

Maliki, Iraqs Hauncho, Hangin’ on by the fingernails


Maliki, Iraqs Hauncho, Hangin' on by the fingernails

Too late for reconsideration and recriminations do no one any good. The mess that is Iraq is merely passing the stages of regime change they would have been going through had they initially had the nerve to dispose Saddam themselves years back. This precautionary tale tells us that when we feel that a despot is just too mean to his little people, before any military move we may make, we should sit down with Dave, take a stress pill, and watch an episode of Sponge Bob till the feeling passes.

 Internal, and as far as Iran’s involvement goes, external groups machinations toward vivisecting Iraq’s cadaver are just the continuation of a family squabble that has gone on since Mo’s death some 1500 years back. Shias and Sunnis / Hatfields and McCoys. You know the drill. It is in the nature of Pop-Turds (Muslims that kill), to kill anything that is breathing in their area. The world should build a fence around the middle east and then just back off for about twenty years. When we return and open the gates we will find a middle east that is a  lot quieter and far less populated than it is.




IRAQS HARD LESSONS...One of the hardest lessons I ;have learned about life and my relationship with other males, came as a result of a fist fight that I  lost. I was bleeding as I staggered down a hot dirt road that lie at the edge of my tiny hometown of Alva, Oklahoma. My brother happened along in his old ford pick-up. (It had a smoke stack that really wasn’t attached to the manifold) I jumped in the truck and reported franticly that so- and- so beat me up. I expected David my tough older brother to go avenge me. He refused to be seen with me for several days.

Davids reaction was wholly unexpected. I was crushed. But the lesson I learned  is that no-one can fight  my fights for me. I will either win-lose or draw and I am the one who will live with the consequences. I was given a choice, Man up or take it and like it. The fact that I can fail motivates me to excel because I don’t like failing. So toughen your skin young man and take it on the jaw. There is something  worse than death. Dishonor.



waiting for a miracle One wonders what is going through the minds of the men that are pictured above? Did they conjecture about the men, evenly spaced with AK’s ready? Did they question why they were being herded to a remote area that had a large clearing? Did it dawn on them that they were about to be executed?

I remember the first time I saw the grainy black and white films of Jews obediently running to the edge of deep ditch full of their fellow victims dead bodies.   I am  always disturbed by how co-operative  victims are, even to the point of the trigger pull. The typical reaction to watching such films of the holocaust is. “No way! I’d fight to the very last moment!” I am sure that some of these very people, herded to the ditch  and stripped to the skin, entertained such thoughts of resistance. Why then, does no one fight back?

 Like a deer transfixed to the headlights of the approaching car they stare in disbelief as they meet their fate. They must bewaiting for a miracle” to save them.

  Denial is the co-conspirator, keeping the victim in place and non-violent while the Beelzebub boys   take aim. I am, on a good, non-militant day, agnostic. And even I will take up the sword and a shield  on that fateful day



We once lived at the edge of Alva Oklahoma. A wheat field literally ended at my front yard. And the town, not varying more than a few hundred in population since WWII boasted 5500 souls. We were rural.
I got to see my older brother chased by a turkey. I saw my father snap the neck of a chicken and in attempting to cut it’s head off with a bread knife I saw him cut his index finger to the bone. Doing objectionable things is part of life in the country, from gutting fish and fowl to wrapping a come-along cable around a calves feet to pull it from it’s mothers womb, life required we suck it up and get a steady gut.

As the American culture continues to be feminized, we become less and less able to look at the unpleasant realities of life. And like the brat child scaring his sister with a dead frog in his hands, these murdering bastards know we are soft. and easily repulsed. The terrorist gains power from his ability to go where no one else dare go. And the worst terrorist reads your character and designs his terror accordingly. As a culture we have become separated from the basic visceral realities of life. Our gag reflex has a hair trigger and we are truly vulnerable. Hammer says, Man up, when they hang a decapitated head in front of you, French Kiss the head and laugh in their face.





….I wonder if Barack is feeling the icy water around his ankles?  The ship is  foundering. And the sheer number of screw-ups in this administration begs the issue of competence. Dr. Ibrahim, (Awwad Ibrahim etc.)  present and past leader of ISIS was in our custody. But not any longer, he was released by Comrade Obama in 2009.

Every president makes errors. Occasional errors are part of life, and playing gotcha serves no purpose. But when the apparent errors in judgment become the norm rather than anomaly,  it is time to start looking around for somebody who can handle the responsibilities of the office.



first Caliphate soverigISIS, sooooo bad al-Qaida asked them  to kindly F-O. Yes, their fearless leader elbowing for a little Lebensraum is doing a little renovating on the border. Well me boys you haven’t heard the news hey ya dweebs! Obama just announced the world is safer now than it ever has been!