Three days ago the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo, of Paris, was attacked by a team of three terrorists who killed 12  employees. (For some reason they are not calling this workplace violence.)  The attack was a major, emotionally convulsive moment. (We had a good experience in France and have grown quite fond of her. Little Deb wept.)  Yet there is nothing about the incident that is unique or worthy of special consideration. It was an effective attack, well coordinated and deadly. But apart from these characteristics this was just another terrorist attack.

 There is an unsetteled feel about the days that follow. Crowds bent on destruction gather too easily these days, there are to many no-go-zones from Norway to Spain and from Albania to Britain. Could there be a call to arms someday? The evolution of the “No-go-zones aound major urban centers throughout Europe have created pefect  incubator communities for rearing and training  next generation terrorists.  The Psudo-doctorine of multicultrealism provides an incubator for terrorists. It allows muslim immigrants to settle in a descrete location, set up their own laws courts and punishments. No new languages are learned, no western education is allowed, and absolutely no integration into the community at at large is allowed. With technology in its present incarnation, all an idiot has to do to create a riot is get on the phone and make a few calls to ginn up a flash mob running cover for  Jihadi’s lobbing mortoar shells at embassies. 

That cloistered feel of the “fortified hamlet” circa 1970 Viet Nam, swims about the above map. .Below: Robert Spencer addresses the No-Go zones in France as with other E.U. members.  The incremental increase in Muslim Violence in recent weeks/months may indicate a “Tet Offensive” style insurgency. Remember it doesn’t  take much to call a “flash mob”  to a bunch of indoctrinated, unemployed idiots. One urgent “call to arms” and who knows, it may be a tsunami of violence that will consume the west.



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