“Is the Legacy Burning?”


POTUS confronting the San Bernardino shooting.  At first we didn’t know what to think. Just another disgruntled nut-job  or  Jihadi assault.     Pres. opted for the whacko model and let the 2nd amendment have with both barrels. BUt as information painting a picture of a couple of  Jihadis began to obscure all other Motis Operendi  the caterwauling from the Oval Office became distinctly muted. ‘Bamas erstwhile beaming countenance has sunken into a preoccupied, slack-jawed stare.

Look at the vid below. The mood is not the recent rather combative persona evidenced by ad hominem  lunges at the GOP in virtually every news conference.  Now he sports the look of a man who just saw his legacy blown to bits. His name will forever be in an eternal death dance, coupled with these two murderers.



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