A Real Feminist

Video: Iranian woman tears off her hijab after Muslim cleric tells her to fix it or he’ll have her arrested

This woman’s face has been blurred for good reason. Her fate may be the jail, the whipping post, or the noose. When confronted on the street by a cleric who threatened her with arrest because her hijab was being worn inappropriately, she let him have it with both barrels. (Klikit for more text and a vid.)

Where are feminists who so bravely wage war against fetuses and traditional marriage?  Where are the Code Pink ladies and their big pink vagina signs meant to sexually shame and shock the oppressive white male establishment? In a world where a husband can kill a wife or daughter for reasons of honor and walk away unscathed by little inconveniences such as laws concerning murder, this woman shows true grit and courage. She took a real risk in standing her ground. She is worthy of respect.



A Clarity of Vision


Ayaan  Hirsi Ali: Remember the name. She has been around a while and those who have followed the Muslim issue should be familiar. Ms. Ali is a woman of exquisite physical beauty. A woman who, raised as Muslim, has been subjected to many of the indignities of being a Muslim female (arranged marriages, genital mutilation etc.). 

MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images But her quiet dignity imparts humility and honesty.  And her gaze speaks to  a clarity of vision that closes most mouths and arguments.The article linked is but a paraphrase of beliefs she has imparted, but more with Ayaan will be forthcoming. She is good people. She is a rock.



Of the worlds top 500 universities, not one is from a Muslim country.

When one speaks of Muslim contributions to science; most of the activity took place hundreds of years ago.  The Muslim wants to turn back time to an earlier simpler era; you know, where no one would give you an embarrassing stare when you bust a cap in your daughters head, or take a sex slave or two. Most other spiritual belief systems fight to quell the natural drives, (feeding, fighting, fleeing and sex). The Koran promotes living a life in service to those same primitive drives. It is the misogynous males paradise.

700 C.E., 2115, or Liberal Circa 1984 (pic an era)


There has been an inversion of values. The old “my body is a temple” coercian shares a common pulse with Liberal DooGooders-or-else” bunch hangin a the juice bar. We have prolonged life but have not prolonged the quality of  longer lives. We have killed God but not our fear of death. Some gobble hormones and powerwalk, diet tours, hi colonics, and copper bracelets we appear as desperate “also rans”  in the race for immortality. We have increased the misery that is in the world exponentially as the aged lose what defines life. Eyesight fades, taste goes flat, touch becomes numb, music reduced to a dull thud as hearing fades. And the length of life is increased. We now are growing gardens of retarded decay. We have delayed death but not decrepitude. But now we have Gardens of decay in our midst.  We have replaced heaven with oblivion and it just feels “uncomfortable”. So now the health industry,  a multi-billion dollar quality/quantity industry takes the place of a life dedicted to following religious principles.

The death cult of Islam, on the other hand, will kill on a whim. And it isn’t the killing that troubles Islam. Pleasure and the regulation of pleasure is the very core of Islam. In a culture with the ethos of the “Id” the fine tuning required for a mutually equitable partnership is a source of consternation. Conflict with self is deadly to a warrior. So control must be absolute. A crack is as good as abyss to a Bedouin, caravan raider like Mo. Like all,despots, when, he died there was a fight for control of the gang (Ref. Christining scene from Godfather 1) .

Christ lived and died a pauper, unlike Mo, he didn’t insist on dying with the biggest pile of toys, the most poontang and high score on kills and thrills in a the beheading dept. When this quaint little cult remained roaming the sands of the Sahara or some centuries later a backwater in Malaysia, no harm done. They could treat their own population like they wanted. to, after all they were “different” than us. It just didn’t seem as bad.

Now the little Bedouin religion that could is in conflict with the civilized world. They are set upon from every quarter by information. Information, is poisonous to bad religion. Information is often unwelcome in the inflexible systems of beliefs. Christianty has shown flexibility. As the foundations of society evolve so has Christianity evolved, at varying rates of course and in different ways. Now the gadfly question lies in finding out where the boundaries should be held firm or adjusted. How accommodating can a religion be before it loses it’s original identity?

For Islam, there are quite a few who believe they should uphold 7th century standards at all costs. There is the rub. As a psychologist, and most painfully, as a father of five daughters, I have experience with the politics of power in relatiomships. A system threatened by influence from without becomes rigid and sensitive to every indication of  individual thinking. Behaviours that in times of less threat would offer no aggravation now are smitten down with an iron hand. Control on all fronts is the issue. Such micromanaging of behavior is a sure sign of a threatened reqime.  An Islam threatened chops heads off for firing up. They see smoking a cigarette as far worse than beheading the smoker? Sumthin’ is wrong here.


Britain on the Block


Shariah-4-UKThe seventh century rears it’s primitive visage in Britain. One must at least entertain the idea that some form of compensatory back swing is happening in reaction to the sin of past empire.  This may be an oversimplification. The same rule of colonialism cannot be easily fit to America. The old feeling was “our differences end at the waters edge.”  I appears that the modern liberal assumes what ever the prevailing third-world perception of America happens to be at that moment. Many of the nabobs and potentates out there saulve their constituents feeling about shortcoming in their lives by blaming “it” whatever ” it ” is, on the big bad, great Satan/boogeyman America. This serve the dual purpose of quieting the restless spirits of the “masses” as well as distracting said masses away from the real culprit. THEM.

So we get this weird self-loathing from what seems like nowhere. Sheeeeesh


Seventeen thousand  “Not- So-Sour-Krauts”  lined Berlins streets, singing Christmas Carols to push back  the dark night of Islamic infiltration.. PEGIDA, (Patriotic Europeans against Islamization of the West) is catching harassment fire from the forces of evil working within the auspices of  German sovereignty.  Spectors of the Christmas truce of 1914, flutter about the perimeters of the German Carolers, just as  “Silent Night”, drifting across the killing ground of mud, blood and barbed wire on Christmas eve 1914 beguiled the Gods of war..  for a brief time the guns were laid down, and the prince of peace had his moment. The silencing of the guns for a just  those few hours,  has endured  to inform the heart  of the season for a century.Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke Kudos  to the west, at least initially we err to the side of caution in matters concerning human lives. HOWEVER such sensitivity can prove corrosive to the host culture. Swelling Muslim populations are exacerbating the inherent anti-Semitism in British culture. The linked article is particularly careful to appear objective. Jus klikdapik-slik!

The eastern creep of the social sappers of the army of Islam are presently winning the culture wars of eastern Europe. The Danes are retaliating as France, and Belgium are tightening down on “Sharia Zones” , hijabs etc.. My man, Condell would like a word with you…                                            Shalom



Thus the Zoroastrian religion, grand daddy of the mess now churning in the middle east, is just another victim of the Muslim metastasis.

We suffer under the belief that when the enemy can no longer offer resistance, and it’s army is quiet, there is an end to violence.. Wrong-o- bubba, in the great domestic quarrel that is the middle east, the defeat of an enemy is never final and it signifies nothing more than a cessation of hostilities with one among many enemies.. When we are not buzzing around doing the “Wrath of Obama”. trick with drones, our foe de jure is out  killing other Muslims. They kill. They wage war. That’s what they do. The big feud, Sunni vs. Shia,  has been going on since the very day of Moes’ (Mohammad) death some 1400 years ago. The core schema  of the Muslim culture is an out of control patriarchy dedicated to the satisfaction of basic instinctive drives.. Aggression, territoriality, dominance, sexual satisfaction and domination only for and by the male are the impetus behind Muslim culture.   All who are not positioned males are considered lesser beings and are treated accordingly. Anything an adult male does to one of lesser stature,  such as younger people, conquered people (Dhimmis), infidels, and females, is acceptable under Muslim law (Sharia). Young children are considered apprpriate sexual objects for adult male satisfaction.. Moe “thighed” (rubbing the penis against the thighs of the child). his bride of 6 (Aisha) until she was nine. When Aisha reached the advanced age of nine Mohammad, age 54 consummated the marriage. The primacy of the male is absolute in Islamic culture. The male is afforded the power over life and death. With the murder of other family members is codified as the males right in matters of honor.  This constant reinforcement of masculine primacy, coupled with primal drives pandered to freely, sets the stage for the dismantling of every culture and religion met by Islam.

Egypt, prior to the Muslim occupation, was Coptic Christian in composition. When the Arabs first occupied Egypt, Coptic Christianity was six hundred years old. Now, having survived 14 centuries suppression under the lash of Muslim occupation and persecution, Egypts copts are fleeing.  Ninevah,(Iraq, west side of Tigris river) recently occupied by ISIS,  failed to celebrate communion for the first time in two thousand years. Christianity is being systematically eliminated in the mid east.

The Holy war is upon us.



State Department warns Americans abroad at “high risk” of kidnapping by Islamic State and other jihadis










It’s about the worldwide subjugation and victimization of a whole gender. It’s about a woman stuffed into a cloth bag buried up to her waist and then slowly murdered by having rocks thrown at her. For suspected adultery. By the way, the size of the stones are limited so there will not be an opportunity for a quick kill with a large rock to the head. The Mullahs in there infinite wisdom want the victim to die slowly. If you have been raped you had better have four male witnesses or you willl be whipped or incarcerated. All rape victims are punished for somehow inciting the rape.
Sharia law is in direct contradiction to any standard of decency any place on earth. From the amputations for theft, stoning for sexual indiscretions, hangings (Iran is hanging homosexuals), to death for apostasy. It is a laundry list of tortures and abominations as long as your arm. Sharia defiles the common good wherever it is installed and enforced. It should be ablated like a cancer when found.