A favorite phrase of mine is, “He/she is suffering under the delusion that they know something.” The linked article is a cautionary tale regarding the damage liberal naiveté can cause if left unchecked. There is nothing more dangerous than an ignorant person who believes they have all the answers when what they have is the cartoon version of a world built around their so-called insight. The hubris born of delusions of wisdom can hang a blind spot from horizon to horizon, blinding the dime-store-prophet to the deeper back story of the real human beings they have in their charge.

In honing my discipline in counseling I was observed (two way mirrored wall) counseling my first clients. My supervisor had just one comment after observing a few of my sessions. It was, “Seven words or less John, seven words or less.”  I was aghast! How could any good come of these sessions if the clients were deprived of my wisdom?  But I did as I was instructed, vowing to myself to return to my more involved style as soon as I was out of sight of my handlers. Then something miraculous happened. In forcing myself to restrain comment, I learned to listen, and I gave the client the thing he/she wished for most. Someone to listen. Of course there were many occasions when I said more than seven words in my response to clients comments, but had gained the awareness that I could, If I lost touch with my listening skills, cause  more injury than healing


The only thing I can claim to be the ultimate expert in is my own experience in living life. There was still a lot I had to learn. There would always be a lot that I could learn. The instructors involved in this article should take a few minutes and Google ‘honor killing’  before becoming experts in Islamic culture. They could have set up an  innocent girls death by taking action based on their ignorance of their ignorance.

Yazidi Sex Slave Burns her Burka!

The Koran refers to them as “possessions of the right hand”. A possession of the right hand refered to women and girls captured as booty. Either by war or strong arm robbery females were often kept as sex slaves by Mohammed and his cohorts. ISIS being practitioners of that “good ol’ time religion” took much booty from the populations unfortunate enough to fall to them…….Klikdapik for vid and text…….

Israa had been taken to ISIS's last pocket of territory, around Baghouz in Syria, before being driven out by the terrorists, then escaping them and fleeing to the Kurds

Below,  an Iranian woman is taken into custody by the morality police for not wearing a hijab. One is stricken by the violence of the handlers. The vid is self explanatory. Again it begs the question; Why don’t we hear the otherwise ubiquitous women’s movement condemning such scenes. Yes it’s not in America, and there is little chance this will happen here, but with all the globalism pushed since the Obama administration you would think that they would bark just a little bit at the plight of a few hundred million of there gender mates.

A Real Feminist

Video: Iranian woman tears off her hijab after Muslim cleric tells her to fix it or he’ll have her arrested

This woman’s face has been blurred for good reason. Her fate may be the jail, the whipping post, or the noose. When confronted on the street by a cleric who threatened her with arrest because her hijab was being worn inappropriately, she let him have it with both barrels. (Klikit for more text and a vid.)

Where are feminists who so bravely wage war against fetuses and traditional marriage?  Where are the Code Pink ladies and their big pink vagina signs meant to sexually shame and shock the oppressive white male establishment? In a world where a husband can kill a wife or daughter for reasons of honor and walk away unscathed by little inconveniences such as laws concerning murder, this woman shows true grit and courage. She took a real risk in standing her ground. She is worthy of respect.





Values. You can define the landscape of a culture and religion by taking notice of what they covet and are willing to protect and what they are willing to sacrifice. For our Muslim buddies it appears that at least in this instance, the actions of a lower primate can result in the death of 16 human beings…….think I would rather be a Methodist.



The problems of just what to do with granddad when he can’t take care of himself anymore is solved by Islam……not many nursing homes in the mid east………




Obama tried to be a compelling force in the junta attempted by the Muslim Brotherhood on Egypt. Then when his little take-over was soundly rejected by the Egyptians themselves, he, and the rest of the world left the wounded and foundering Egypt ignored and left to their own devises.